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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Gallery - Groans & Laughs for English-lovers

[Part 2 of "Random Thoughts on a Wayward World" - August 13, 2022]


I've been accumulating "Mangles" or "Funnies" on the English language for awhile now, and they seemed a good punctuation for my serious thoughts about "How has our world plunged so low?" Happily, I found a Cat Pic to add warmth - and a challenge - at the end. (As well as a surprise posted to Facebook only minutes before I sat down to write this blog.)


GALLERY - Groans & Laughs for English-lovers




At first glance, the box below looks like it's full of maybe four cats. But if you count the heads - carefully - I believe you'll find considerably more.

Hint: I almost stopped counting at seven.

 And . . . HUGE surprise:

Evidently, Mike & Riley got tired of Susie spending so much time diving for fossils, so while she was in Tampa this weekend, guess what? They got their diving certificates. (Cassidy already has hers.)


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