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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Blair Inventory

I don't believe I have ever posted an inventory of all my books as Blair Bancroft, and the beginning of 2020 seems like a good time. So here they are, all forty-plus, illustrated with an occasional cover (beginning with my very first publication, Tarleton's Wife - although the cover above is #4 in its twenty-year history).

available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,
Smashwords & other online distributors

The Regency Warrior Series (in order)
The Sometime Bride
Tarleton’s Wife
O’Rourke’s Heiress
Rogue’s Destiny
The Lady Takes a Risk
The Abominable Major

Traditional Regencies
Lady of the Lock
Lady Silence
The Harem Bride
A Season for Love
A Gamble on Love
The Temporary Earl
The Courtesan’s Letters
Mistletoe Moment
A Lady Learns to Love

Regency Gothics

Shadows Over Greystoke Grange
The Ghosts of Rushton Court
The Blackthorne Curse
Tangled Destinies
The Welshman’s Bride
The Demons of Fenley Marsh
The Mists of Moorhead Manor
Brides of Falconfell

The Aphrodite Academy series* (in order)
(Regency Darkside)

*Age 18+
Also available in a Boxed Set

The Captive Heiress (YA+)
(See also Florida Knight)

Steampunk/Alternative History
Airborne - The Hanover Restoration

Romantic Suspense, Thrillers & Mystery
Hidden Danger, Hidden Heart
Death by Marriage
Orange Blossoms & Mayhem
Shadowed Paradise
Paradise Burning
The Art of Evil (set in Sarasota)
Limbo Man
(international thriller)

*GB - Set in “Golden Beach” on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Contemporary Romance
Florida Knight  (GB)
Love At Your Own Risk (Cape Cod)

SciFi Adventure/Romance**
Blue Moon Rising series (in order)
Rebel Princess
Sorcerer’s Bride
The Bastard Prince
Royal Rebellion

**Also available in a boxed set


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