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Saturday, March 16, 2024

The "Beluga" & Gallery of Beauty

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Grace note:  I have been astounded by the number of people from all parts of the globe who were interested in my 2-part "Editing Examples." It was a lot of work, so thank you all for taking the time to look. (Although I'm afraid that means I may have to do it again in the not-too-distant future.) If you missed the posts, they are available in Archives - March 2 & 9, 2024.

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On Monday evening, March 11, I saw my first Beluga cargo plane on the TV news. Evidently, it brought a European satellite to Sanford International Airport, only a few miles from my house. (Presumably, its cargo is intended for launch at the Space Center c. 30 miles east of here.)

It was an astonishing sight. The Beluga is aptly named. To take on or unload cargo, the top front half of the plane lifts up, making it look like a whale with jaws open wide enough to swallow a dozen or more Great Whites. I immediately texted Cassidy, our 17-yr-old pilot, to ask if she knew the plane was sitting on a runway almost directly behind her house. Her reply - a photo of the Beluga as it flew over Seminole High School. Evidently, she recognized its uniqueness and managed a photo while walking between classes.

A web search tells me the Beluga is manufactured by Airbus. The company did not show a photo of the plane in "open" position, but I've added their photo of the remarkable raised front of this super-sized cargo plane.

Below, Cassidy's photo of the "Beluga" that came to Sanford.

Cassidy's photo

From Airbus's Beluga website


On the very same day the Beluga came to town, a remarkable array of beautiful photos were posted to Facebook. (Most days, I'm lucky if I find one I can use.) This past Monday, it was a case of one gorgeous pic right after another, an odd coincidence that is unlikely to happen again. I am posting them in the order I found them.

Patio - Cordoba, Spain

An English narrowboat? - no attribution given

Dancing Tree

Waterfront Idyll

Dream Cottage

Two that perhaps don't fit the "Beautiful" category but were also posted on Monday - and well worth viewing:

Capturing the Sun

From National Geographic - way back when, as I recall

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This week's featured book has a special place in my heart  - for some reason this rather poignant Traditional Regency Romance keeps selling month after month, year after year. The only explanation I've come up with - readers are intrigued by the thought of a silent female! (And yes, the heroine manages it for years on end.)

A snowy night; a waif on the doorstep, who doesn't talk. After agreeing to grant her shelter, Damon Farr goes off to six years of war, returning determined to be a recluse, only to discover the girl is still there. And still not talking. Is "the girl the cat dragged in" destined to be Damon Farr's Sinful Temptation or his Salvation? The odd pair walk a rocky road before the answer becomes clear.


"Blair Bancroft can always be counted on to deliver exceptional characters and/or settings, historical accuracy, unusual plots, and flawless writing. LADY SILENCE is one more sterling example." Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

"LADY SILENCE by Blair Bancroft is a splendid Regency romance! The creative intrigue and alluring characters make this novel a must have." Nadine St. Denis, Romance Junkies

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For a link to Blair's website, click here. 

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