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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Wedding 2020

 As you will recall from last week's post, there was a wedding in Orlando on Saturday. Here are a few photos to demonstrate that the gowns and matching masks were worth all that effort.


The grandgirls & mother w/Gramma Reale

The grandgirls with Daddy

Cassidy, Hailey, Riley

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This was a great week for photos, and I am taking full advantage of it. Below is another "hawk" photo that qualifies as a Work of Art. Posted to Facebook by Ann Baldwin.

 Back to normal . . .

Hailey, Cassidy, Riley

Early Christmas photo, 2020:


Cassidy, Hailey, Riley

 For Old Times' Sake:

Same line-up, 2009


In the end, Cassidy got the photo op of the week at the Air Show in Sanford (10/31/20) - Evidently they approve her ambition of becoming a fighter pilot.

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