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Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Election Looms

 Special Note:  After considerable soul-searching, I have decided to go ahead with the blog prepared for this week. With all respect and sympathy for our President, we cannot ignore that the election is only a month away. So at the risk of violating the old adage about not kicking someone when they're down, here is what I wrote earlier this week:


Looming above all the world's disasters at the moment, even the Covid-19 pandemic, is the crisis of the U. S. Presidential election on November 3, 2020. Why is it more important than the great challenges of our time, from the pandemic to racism to global warming, the economy, and on and on? Because unless the United States of America ousts its current president, none of these problems stands a snowball's chance in Hell of being solved. 

As most of my readers know, I am a faithful choir member at my church, and even though we have been on hiatus since March, most of us have continued to attend church online. On Sunday, September 28, however, several choir ladies debuted our hand-chimes group, playing SIX numbers for the live in-church service. I mention this only because of the odd incident that occurred the next day. Coincidence? Very likely, but I have to tell you, as I look back on it, it feels like the closest I've ever come to divine revelation. Here's what happened:

Last Monday afternoon, I was heading for my sewing room to make masks for some choir members, yet somehow, instead of turning left into the sewing room, I turned right into my office, a rush of thoughts insisting on being put down in black and white that very minute. Less than ten minutes later, my fingers had completed thirteen reasons why we should vote Trump out of office. Where those words came from I have no idea. They just poured out, with only a bit of re-arranging of the order. I immediately posted them to Facebook, only later wondering about the oddity of their creation. 

As an author, I know how hard-won each sentence can be, yet these thirteen points rushed out like I was taking dictation. So no matter what your political views, I suggest they are worth considering before you vote—whether by mail, by early voting, or on Election Day. Consider the good of your family, your neighbor's family, your country, the good of the world. And vote Trump out of office. 



Because . . .

1.    He is the the most serious threat to Democracy since our country was founded.

2.    He sincerely believes the office of President of the United States gives him the power of a dictator.

3.    He has taken the most powerful country in the world and reduced us to an isolated island eyed warily by nearly every nation in the world.

4.    He offers the world’s worst dictators his friendship, while alienating nations who have been our allies for hundreds of years.

5.    He is encouraging genocide - using far right agitators and vigilantes to put down protestors, the majority, Black and Hispanic.

6.    He is encouraging genocide - by ignoring the devastation of the Coronavirus which targets more Blacks and Hispanics than Whites.

7.    He’s lies. Over and over and over again.

8.    He distorts the truth. Over and over and over again.

9.    He has no interest in anything but what benefits himself. The rest of us can go hang.

10.    He has NO respect for women, seeing them as fit only for the bedroom, the kitchen, and decoration for his ego.

11.    He is a draft-dodger, who gives only lip service to respect for our troops. Behind the façade, he considers them “losers” for being willing to give their lives for their country.

12.    We’ve reached the point where our Intelligence services are not telling him everything they know, as they cannot trust him not to blurt out Top Secret information to the whole world.

13.    He cheats on his taxes, paying what I, a long-time widow pay to the IRS, not the share a so-called “billionaire” should be paying to help support his country.

We all know this list could be endless, but as of September 28, 2020, this is enough for now.

~ * ~

And for today's light moment . . .

This was "Bless the Animals" day at my church. Our organist posted the photo below to Facebook - his faithful Pearl waiting for the service to begin. (Note the empty choir chairs. Sigh. Only today's instrumental soloist visible at the far back.)

Added after church:

            Pearl & Fr Trey


                                                                             Pearl & proud owner, Tim

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