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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Gallery - a Bit of Everything


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This week's Mosaic Moments is gallery of photos ranging from "soup to nuts." Hopefully, everyone can find something that will offer a much-needed distraction from the sturm und drang of the moment. If you need a translation - well, let's just call it "from the high drama and dire events" we're all dealing with, world-wide.

So, let's start off with one for all the writers and editors:


I call this one "Writing 101"

Grace note:  You will note I have finally solved the mystery of adding captions in the new (and much hated ) Blogger.



The following photo was posted to our local "Neighborhood" email loop. I have seen both hawks and snakes in my yard, but never at the same time. I consider this a truly remarkable photo.


Longwood, Florida, October 2020

 Making the rounds of Facebook, a sentiment with which I heartily agree:


A few shots of the Christmas puppy that grew . . .

Kylo, September 2020

On Mommy's thigh, October 2020

Halloween Decoration, 2020

 And finally, a series of photos from the very first "event" I've attended (not counting family birthdays & a one-time hand-chime performance at church) since last March. On Saturday, October 10, Susie, Riley, and I attended a Fossil, Gem & Mineral show at the Sanford Civic Center. (Complete with temperature checks at the door and masks, though social distancing was on the honor system.) Frankly, if I had the money, I could have spent thousands of dollars in the 90 minutes I was there. A truly "Wow" experience. Below are a very few of the myriad items on display or for sale. 


Alligator w/Susie's arm to show size

Crystal, c. 12" wide

Our family lived in Venice, Florida, for 25 years. Venice boasts of being "the Shark's Tooth Capital of the World." Therefore, we were astonished to discover that the two tables of shark and megalodon teeth on display were from the Carolinas! 

Average length: 4-5"



Susie and I went "halves" on a piece of Coiled Ammonite from Madagascar that had—fortunately for us—been cut in half. Although only one tiny bit of red can be seen in the photo, when it is turned in your hand, a whole host of bright red streaks appear, a truly amazing phenomenon. The streaks are not just red, but "lit up" like a red light at a traffic stop.


And then, having spent all my cash on the Ammonite, I spotted a piece of driftwood. (Well, truthfully, I suspect it may have begun its life in the desert rather than near an ocean, but I fell in love. Fortunately, the vendor took credit cards.) It took me about eight tries to get a halfway decent photo of it.


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  1. Here's my comment for the guy with the t-shirt: The battle for respect and equal rights will never be won as long as people continue to believe that women (or any other group) must think monolithically.