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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Gallery & Mask Update


Good news this week - I was actually able to buy interfacing for the first time since March. (Not what I usually buy, but a reasonable substitute. The fusible interfacing shortage has been worse than the elastic shortage!) I have, therefore, updated the Masks for Sale blog with the latest mask designs & gimmicks, such as sliding "buttons" to improve mask fit, plus the optional interfacing. To take a look, click here.


A few photos to add a smile to what has to be the worst summer of our lives:

Grace note: you have to read the first one carefully - it's easy to miss a few gems the first time around. 

The divers were at it again. (Venice, FL)

Lots of sharks teeth, but no biggies

And some shells

But reality intrudes. Amid great controversy, schools re-opened in Seminole County.

Off for her Freshman year at Seminole High (with flight simulators)
Riley ready for her Sophomore year at Lake Mary High (she chose Virtual classes)
(Grace note:  Evidently, Hailey has reverted to camera-shy.)

We also said goodbye to the Suwanee property last week. (Sold to Californians who were fleeing to "out back of beyond." As Trustee, I had to leave hibernation long enough to sign my name about 30 times at a Closing Office in Lake Mary.


A Regency Gothic, set in Cornwall

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