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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Masks for Sale

 Added September 26, 2020:  black elastic & black slider buttons now available.
Special Note - September 6, 2020:
Five Seasonal Prints have been added to the fabric choices below:  one Halloween, two Fall, and two Christmas. (As of 9/19 - make that Six.)

To keep our economy from tanking, too many states opened too soon. Covid cases are spiking, and experts agree a vital part of the problem is failure to wear masks. And yet most areas refrain from making them mandatory, as even before George Floyd's horrific death, police would be called upon to enforce the order, leading to confrontations no one wants piled on top of all our other problems. So take it upon yourself to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. 

Face facts, wear a mask.

Maybe you think you're too macho to wear a mask, you're in the wrong age group to catch Covid, you haven't got any symptoms, etc., etc. Well, I've got news for you. EVERY person who isn't wearing a mask is putting their fellow citizens at risk. FYI, half the latest cases here in Orlando are in the 20-40 age range. If you're out in public, wear a mask! (Exception: inside your car.)

So suck it up, don't be a killer.

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 Updated List of Grace Masks

Three styles of masks are currently available: 1) rectangular with pleats; 2) Fu with curved center seam; 3) over-the-head style with ¼" elastic drawstring. Each style can be made in the fabric of your choice. (Or, if you prefer, you may choose a different fabric for each side.)  All masks have an adjustable nose wire and soft, stretchy ear loops. All masks are Machine Wash & Dry.

Grace note:  a number of the photos below are from March & April when it was impossible to get mask elastic or nose strips. They are used only as examples of fabric available.

Masks are $5 each for local pick-up. Via Mail: Add $1.50 - 3.50 according to weight. U. S. A. only, please (Exceptions can be discussed at the email address below.)]

To order - or ask questions - contact Grace at: Please indicate style, fabric, and size (Medium or Large). Child size upon request.

Local pick-up:  check, cash, or Zelle (to email above). 
By mail:  check, Zelle, or Paypal (which includes payment by Credit Card). 

Style 1 - rectangular w/pleats
Also, an example of the ear loops now used on each mask.

Style 2 - Fu w/center curved seam (no pleats)
Now made with white mask elastic and nose pincher.
Style 3 - Fu w/over-the-head elastic drawstring
This style - which goes over the head with the ends tied behind the neck - easily pulls down to hang around the neck when necessary, but is recommended more for men than women, as when I tried it, it messed up my hair!

Pleat mask bent to demonstrate bendable nose wire


Sample of How All New Masks Look*
Masks w/nose wires & soft, stretchy ear loops
(Red & blue ribbon ties indicate size)

Fabrics Currently Available

All masks are currently being made with nose wire & adjustable elastic,
and are Machine Wash & Dry.

New Note, August 19, 2020:  I have been able to buy interfacing for the first time since April. If anyone wants a mask with a layer of iron-on interfacing in the middle, that is once again possible.  $6.00 ea. (The increase more due to the additional work involved than to the extra cost of fabric). 

Grace note:  n/a = no longer available

 Added September , 2020:
(Halloween, Fall Garden, Leaves, Cardinal, Holly, & Winter)






Added August, 2020:


Pink Flowers

Mask "Button"
The soft plastic mask "button" allows the elastic to be adjusted for a snug fit.


Astronomy (pattern varies)

Turquoise Bandana

Blue Mix (n/a)
Photo above shows nose wire pocket at Top Center. 

Tan w/Stars (n/a)

Tan w/small stars

Red Polka Dot

Dinosaurs (one child-size left)

Stars (n/a)

Yellow Flowers

Yellow Squares

Coral and White

Coral and Black

Ladies Day

Reminder:  All masks are now made with 1/8" soft, stretchy ear loops and nose wires c. 3½" wide at Top Center.

Orders or Information:  Email 

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