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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Shadows Over Greystoke Grange

Why did an exploding rocket make everyone at Cape Canaveral happy this week?

Because it was the final test of the Dragon Crew Capsule. A successful launch deliberately blown up to see if the crew capsule would jettison as planned. It did, descending into the Atlantic with the aid of four parachutes, was successfully recovered, and is now back on land. At long last, we're getting close to launching astronauts from the U.S.

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And now . . . the second half of the editing-two-books-at-once struggle:

Shadows Over Greystoke Grange, my eighth Regency Gothic,  is now available on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.

At eighteen, Adria Lovett can think only of making her come-out and finding the love of her life. Until, scant weeks before leaving for London, her world crumbles around her, pitching her into a situation shockingly contrary to anything she has ever known.

And yet, though far from London, Adria finds herself surrounded by a bevy of young men—none of them what she envisioned when dreaming of her future. There is Dudley Greystoke, who should be Sir Dudley but is not; Chandler Satterthwaite, who has strayed far  from the fold of his father, the vicar; the supposedly reliable Ned Steadman, son of the local squire; Garth Maddox, son of a gamekeeper, who calls himself Myrddin, the Welsh name for Merlin. And Drake Kincade, son of a wealthy merchant—the Drake Kincade, known to many as “the Devil’s Spawn,” who has fled to the country to escape a bride selected by his father.

And then there is Dudley Greystoke’s twin sister, Daphne, a young woman as willful as she is beautiful, who plunges Adria into the world of witchcraft—a world already complicated by a barrage of evil deeds ranging from nasty pranks to murder.

Grimoires, spells, devil-worship, rape, and murder—not at all the Season Adria dreamed of.

~ * ~

I have also updated my Facebook Author Page to include background information on both Shadows and Making Magic With Words. (Links below).

Grace note:  Sadly, Smashword's format translator could not cope with the many transitions Making Magic endured before being uploaded to Smashwords: 206,000+ words reformatted from Blogger to Word Perfect to RTF to DOCX to DOC. Sad, but not surprising. So Making Magic is currently available only on Amazon Kindle (which includes a download to your computer).

For a link to Shadows Over Greystoke Grange on Amazon, click here.

For a link to Shadows Over Greystoke Grange on Smashwords, click here.

For a link to Making Magic With Wordsclick here.

For a link to Blair's updated Facebook Author Page, click here. 

Grace note:  my website is being updated, so we'll skip the link to that one this week.
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To end this week's blog on a fun note, I share this incredible photo found on Facebook. As someone whose balance no longer allows me to keep myself upright on a bike, let alone me and something as small as my cat, I am in awe! (Please note the leafy cushioning.)

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