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Saturday, January 18, 2020


Done at Last!

On Saturday afternoon (1/18/20) Making Magic With Words was uploaded to Amazon Kindle. Yay, hurray!

For a link to MMWW on Amazon Kindle, click here.

PLEASE, faithful readers, pass the news along, write a review.
I'd really, really appreciate your help spreading
the word about this one. 

Here's the Blurb:

Making Magic With Words offers easy-to-understand advice on Writing, Editing, and a wide variety of Publishing topics—206,000+ words designed to get you started on your writing project, support you every step along the way, and advise you on what comes after "The End." Topics range from choosing a genre to the difference between an editor and a copyeditor. From how to develop your characters to the nitty-gritty of punctuation. From Point of View, Hooks, and Show vs. Tell to helpful aids like ASCII codes, Microsoft codes, and how to work with Track Changes. From "Edit the Blasted Book" to Where and How to submit. Making Magic With Words also includes step-by-step instructions on many of those tricky little technical problems we have to cope with in the Age of Computers, such as how to change manual tabs to automatic.

Making Magic With Words is a compilation of nine years of blog posts on Writing and Editing, which first appeared on Grace's Mosaic Moments and are now organized by topic under three major headings:  Writing, Editing, and Random Thoughts. The author was trained as a teacher, spent more than thirty-five years as an editor, and a quarter century as an award-winning author. Blair Bancroft has published more than forty novels, including Regency (Traditional, Historical, and Gothic), Suspense, Mystery, and SciFi. Additional information can be found at

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As Grace's Mosaic Moments enters its 10th year, once again . . .
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For a link to Blair's website, click here.

For a link to Blair's updated Facebook Author page, click here.


  1. Got it this morning!

    Why? Why would I -- who doesn't like Romance and doesn't write fiction at all -- want this book? Because even non-fiction writers tell stories, and I want to tell better stories. Because in many ways, writing is writing, and I'm sure much of what you have to say will be helpful. Because I know from this blog that I enjoy reading your writing tips.

    You know I'll do a review. Just don't expect it soon; I'm pretty far behind in that, even of my friends' books.

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