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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Holiday Photo Gallery

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and HAPPY Whatever Other Holiday You Celebrate!

For the holidays I am posting some photos I hope you'll enjoy. I confess, the day I went to the Orlando Art Museum's Festival of Trees to hear The Citrus Singers, I was not feeling my best and did not take my usual photos of their stunning trees, wreaths, and gingerbread houses. And the Baptist Church's spectacular Singing Trees conflicts with the Christmas concert my choir is giving in Longwood . . . but perhaps that's good, because my photos will be different this year (well, I may snitch one or two from previous years).

Below is a link to my eldest granddaughter's high school chamber choir, performing an a cappella version of "The First Noel." I hope you'll take the time to check them out. They're really good.
For a link to the Lake Mary High School Chamber Choir, click here.

I belong to a weekly Crochet Club that meets in our local library. One of the ladies has just completed two extremely complicated crocheted mandalas. Please take the time to appreciate the work that went into them. She plans to use them to make a pillow for the lady who gave her the Mandala pattern book.

I try to avoid the mall - any mall - at the holidays, but this year I made a special trip to photograph the mall tree, as I failed to take pics at the Festival of Trees or the Singing Trees.

Towering at least 3 stories at the Altamonte Mall

The Citrus Singers performed at the Gaylord Palms Resort
and then enjoyed the hotel's annual "Ice" exhibit,
including ice slides.
That's our Cassidy (in blue hood), center front
Riley, front left (in glasses).

Susie & Band at Lake Mary Wine & Art Night
A few of the many lights at Lake Mary Park
Visitors to my backyard - white ibis. Taken through my porch screen.

And a few choice pics from previous years . . .

Looks like fun, but we were sweltering in the July heat on Lake Eola! - 2014
Fr Paul blessing a snake - 2015
Gingerbread Castle - 2017

Festival of Trees Gingerbread House - 2016

My Gloriosa Lilies - 2017?

Hailey & Barracuda - June 2018

Cassidy, Hailey, Riley  - 2017

Squeak checking out the tree - 2016

The Singing Trees - 2013
And yes, each "shadow" among the red lights is a person.

For a grand finale, five photos posted 
by Stephen Kennedy to Facebook . . .

Christmas in New Orleans  


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  1. I was looking for that snake picture! Someone on Facebook had suggested -- I hope in jest -- that we were a bunch of snake-handlers. I know I have such a picture, but I couldn't find it. It's what I like to pull out when anyone mentions a snake-handling church. :)

  2. Thank you, Shehroze. A thoughtful addition to Mosaic Moments.