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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Cuba Photos

Special Bulletin: Sunday, August 12, 2018:

In the wee hours of this morning a Delta IV Heavy launched from Cape Canveral, its payload the Parker Solar Probe, on a 7-year mission to explore closer to the sun than any device has been able to go before. For a link to the launch - which is always breathtaking, even though I knew it had finally succeeded after numerous "technical" delays - click here.

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As promised, my daughter sent me some of the photos she took in Havana on our cruise in July. Because my son-in-law speaks Spanish (he was born in Argentina), they were able to go out and explore on their own instead of taking a cruise-sponsored tour. They started out on a local bus but it broke down with no replacement in sight, so they hired one of the "taxi" cars Havana is famous for—brightly painted (and carefully tended) American cars from the 1950s—and off they went, getting an up close and personal view of the city. For lunch the taxi driver took them to a second floor restaurant, up a set of steep, narrow stairs, where they ate ropa vieja, and were entertained by a live band. They also went to a beach so Susie could add to her shell collection, but that part of the trip was not as successful. Evidently, the beach was strewn with debris rather than shells.

In the photos below you will see everything from street scenes to the restaurant to a bored teen. (Later: Restaurant and teen saved 'til next week.) Susie reports that scaffolding was everywhere as Cuba seems to be in a building boom. And, oh yes, a number of the photos were taken by Riley.

Enjoy this rare peek at life in Cuba in July 2018.

Cat on the Hat?

Do-it-yourself scaffolding

Some of the wonderful old cars repurposed as taxis.

One willing to pose, the other not so much, Susie reports

A glance at My Pictures shows I'm only half way through the photos Susie sent, so I'll save the rest for next week. But the lovely building above is a good way to close out this week's Cuba pics.

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