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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Cuba Photos - 2

Special Note:

On Wednesday night I saw The Darkest Hour. Although I am familiar with most of Winston Churchill's great speeches, there was a line in the movie I had never heard before. Allegedly, it was made directly after Churchill delivered his most famous "fight on the beaches" speech in the midst of the evacuation of the British army at Dunkirk and the threat of imminent invasion. As everyone around cheers Churchill's fiery speech, one stunned gentleman asks another: "What just happened?" The answer: "He mobilized the English language and sent it into battle." An inspiration for the terrible times of 1940 and for all those who write as well. Not that we can aspire to the heights of a Churchill, but we can always put that shining goal in front of us and aim to raise ourselves to a higher standard.

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Cuba Photos - Round 2 

A new "country" popped up on my Blog Stats this week: "Unknown Region." I wonder if that means some Cubans found a way to access Mosaic Moments. Definitely a first. So if you're reading this in Cuba, know that my family thoroughly enjoyed their visit and very much appreciated the efforts everyone made to help them find the Havana off the narrow tourist path.

A different kind of public transport

I think that's our Riley on the right.

Cassidy, Hailey & Riley - somewhere in Havana

Mayo for the bread as butter was scarce

A live band for lunch - a real plus!

No matter where, no matter when . . . teens will be teens.

At the mouth of Havana Harbor

And a fond farewell to Cuba . . .
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