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Saturday, July 12, 2014


Somehow I managed to be in the hospital when Florida Wild was released. Not good for either me or the book. So now that I've finally finished my latest Regency Gothic, The Mists of Moorhead Manor, I'm able to lift my head and say, "Whoa, what happened to poor Florida Wild? I haven't given it proper attention. So here's a "summer re-run."

Florida Wild is loosely connected to my Golden Beach books, set on Florida's Central Gulf Coast, as Doug, the heroine's cousin in Florida Wild, is the older brother of the heroine in Orange Blossoms & Mayhem and also appears as a character in that book.

The blurb remains the same as when first posted here on January 18:

Log line: A fledgling PI finds herself in the midst of an international incident with only an oversize mystery man to help her through a maze of Middle-eastern politics, Florida rednecks, and all-too-elusive love.

Cass Wilder is looking for excitement, both on the job and in her personal life, a wish that is more than fulfilled when she saves an Arab child at a theme park and is plunged into international intrigue, her sole companion a man whose motives might be questionable.

Michael Dillon, a here-today, gone-tomorrow government agent, is forced to turn to a fledgling PI for help in a very personal chase that takes them from the UCF campus to the Florida backwoods, where he not only regains his kidnapped sister but loses his heart.

~ * ~ 

While searching for reviews of Florida Wild, I came across something on a foreign-language site (Livraria Cultura) that I don't recall seeing before. But, obviously, I feel compelled to reproduce it here!

"Blair Bancroft can always be counted on to deliver exceptional characters and/or settings, historical accuracy, unusual plots, and flawless writing.”

Wow! That made my day. (And honest, I swear I don't know who wrote it, and I didn't pay them a cent.)

Review Excerpts - Florida Wild:

Night Owl Romance Reviews:

“This book is a great read and keeps your interest. You will enjoy the great characters as well as the exciting drama. We also have great chemistry between our main characters and I was glad to see a happy ending. I recommend Florida Wild to any romance or suspense reader or someone who enjoys both together. Florida Wild is a great coaster ride!"

Fallen Angel Reviews:

"Readers! If you are looking for an exciting, thrilling read that will have you eagerly turning page after page, then Blair Bancroft’s Florida Wild is just what the doctor ordered. From the start, there was suspenseful action that caught my attention and held it until the very end.”

~ * ~

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