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Saturday, March 15, 2014


Suitable for all ages

A very young lady must go to extremes to find
a safe haven. Years later, it takes a soap opera
ending to bring her saga to a happy conclusion. 
Lady Silence was my last Regency before Signet 
ended the line - and, interestingly, became my
most popular e-book. Perhaps readers are 
intrigued by the idea of a woman 
who can keep her mouth shut!

Two romances for the price of 
one. A Peninsular widow makes 
a marriage of convenience with
 a duke, while her brother 
falls in love with the duke's 
estranged daughter, who arrives
 on her father's doorstep with 
a surprising petit paquet.

An engineer and Peninsular War 
veteran just wants to build 
things, but a series of 
disasters force him to become 
a "temporary" earl. And to 
make matters worse, he has 
to deal with the uppity 
daughter of a duke. 

Signet title: 
The Major Meets His Match

A beleaguered young lady is 
forced to hire a solicitor to 
find her a husband, with 
results she never anticipated, 
including becoming a 
"campaign" wife.

Signet title: The Lady and the Cit

A very proper New England 
school mistress is shocked 
to discover her grandmother 
was a famous courtesan - 
and has left her a series 
of commissions to carry 
out before she can inherit 
a country cottage in England.

Signet title: The Indifferent Earl
(Marketing thought "courtesan" wouldn't 
play well in the Heartland!)

A young nobleman offers marriage to save a new acquaintance
from the harem of the Topkapi Palace, only to be warned off 
his bride by those who "know better." Fast forward ten years, 
and the problem has festered until Happily Ever After 
seems nothing more than an irretrievable myth.

A young couple experiences 
the hazards of a marriage 
of convenience when 
neither is experienced 
enough to make the 
necessary adjustments.

A big thank-you to Ellora's Cave
 for taking up the slack when 
Signet and Zebra canceled 
theirtraditional Regency lines.

A heart-warming Christmas 
novella about two emotionally 
damaged people brought together 
by a "mistletoe moment."

A young woman almost allows a 
series of disasters to ruin her life 
and the lives of her sisters, 
until the Christmas holidays 
help her find her way back 
to life and love. 

The daughter of a canal engineer and a young marquess 
establish a life-long friendship at an early age, only to be 
torn apart by the realities of the Regency world. 
(Includes authentic details on the building 
of the Kennet & Avon Canal.)

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Grace note: All the above books are in the Jane Austen tradition, suitable for reading by anyone who enjoys emphasis on a wide variety of characters, plus tales of star-crossed romance. Age 14 and up.

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Next week: I planned on continuing my inventory of books by listing "Blair's Not-so-traditional Regencies," but I named this blog Mosaic Moments so I could be flexible, and an issue came up this week that takes precedence. So next week's blog topic will be something along the lines of : How Can Children Learn Independence in the Era of Helicopter Parenthood?

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