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Saturday, March 1, 2014


 Every once in a while I have to stop and take inventory of the books I currently have available on line. Since I seem to be "branded" as a Regency author - though not without protest - I thought I'd list my "other" books first.

Blair Bancroft's "Other" Books

The Captive Heiress
a 12th c. Medieval 
suitable for all ages, 
my all-time best seller in the UK. 
(And one of my favorite covers.)

Romantic Suspense set in Central Florida - 
featuring a government agent, 
a would-be PI, and a 
back-to-nature rollercoaster.

A clever costume designer, a cop, scams, PTSD, 
and a boat chase on the Intracoastal Waterway 
play a part in this Gulf Coast mystery.

 A damaged Russian ex-pat and an FBI agent on loan to 
Homeland Security chase old Russian nukes 
and each other over settings that range from 
the U.S. to Siberia, Iran, and the Caribbean islands. 

 Exotic weddings & vacations, the Russian 
Mafia, Interpol, and a glamorous 
troubleshooter add up to a little more 
excitement than the residents of Florida's 
Gulf Coast would like.

This Romantic Suspense features a 
lawyer turned tournament fighter, as 
she attempts to recover from abuse in 
a story set against an authentic 
backdrop  of a very active 
medieval re-enactment society.

 Two people with a lot of baggage—one from New York society, 
the other a tough product of Florida's outback—
are caught in the machinations of a serial killer. 
Book 1 in the Paradise series.

The ugliness of human trafficking rears its 
ugly head in paradise, as an estranged 
husband and wife are forced to move from 
researching the problem to actually 
saving victims in their own back yard. 
Book 2 of the Paradise series. 


A short contemporary romance that is 
an old favorite, because it's my very first 
print book (He Said, She Said),and it's set 
on Cape Cod. Two mortal enemies, a 
homicide detective and a defense attorney, 
find that love truly is possible, no 
matter how steep the odds against it.

 Coming soon:

 A princess from a peace-loving planet, 
who has very special paranormal powers,
accidentally instigates a Quadrant-wide 
rebellion against a powerful empire.
(The Sorcerer's Bride & Royal Rebellion to follow.)

While recuperating in Florida, a wounded and grieving FBI agent 
stumbles into a series of murders at a museum, staged as "art." 

~ * ~

Grace Note: My books are available from most online vendors, including Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, et al.

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Coming next: Some favorite Recipes, followed by a list of my many different Regency stories, from trad to "tell it like it is"


  1. I had no idea you wrote in so many genres, Grace!! My hat is off to you! Tweeted.

  2. Oh my! I didn't know you wrote in other genres. Thanks for letting us know and good luck with them.

  3. Ella & Joan, thanks so much for taking a look! It might not be the right approach to a career, but I've really enjoyed branching into a variety of genres. I fight "same old, same old" tooth and nail.