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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Questions Out of the Blue

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A few weeks ago, as I was doing the final formatting for The Crucible Kingdom, a whole bunch of questions popped into my head about the Blue Moon Rising series. I scribbled them down and promised myself I would use them at a later date. And this week, which has been far from one of my best, seems like a good time to dig through my stacks of "stuff" and find those questions. 

As I have remarked many times, although I HUGELY appreciate the readers of my many Regency books - Historical, Gothic, and Traditional, I'd also like to steer more people toward my SciFi Fantasy books. (I so enjoy incorporating elements of the Regency "feel" into stories set a thousand or so years in the future.) 

Grace note:   The questions below are not in any particular order in the storyline. And, yes, there are some spoilers, but hopefully nothing serious.



 1.  How did the Princess Royal of the pacifist planet Psyclid end up as a cadet in the Space Academy of the military-minded Regulon Empire?

2.  How did a werewolf end up married to a sorcerer's cast-off mistress?

3.  How did a fey young sorcerer who can't talk end up with two wives?

4.  How did the heir to the Regulon Empire end up as Ambassador Plenipotentiary for the rebel government?

5.  How did the King of Psyclid's four children—and their spouses—bring down the Regulon Empire?

6.  How did mind triumph over matter in the rebels' fight against the Empire?

7.  How did a young man who can't talk go from "hopeless" to hero?

8.  What caused a Regulon huntership captain to launch a rebellion against his own monarch?

9.  How did Psyclid's Sorcerer Prime end up married to his mistress's sister?

~ * ~

The answers to these questions—and a lot more—can be found in the Blue Moon Rising series.  All are currently available on Amazon Kindle. Rebel Princess is available on Smashwords and its many affiliate vendors, such as B&N's Nook. The remaining three books will follow shortly. Next will be Sorcerer's Bride.


The Blue Moon Rising series

Rebel Princess
Sorcerer's Bride
The Bastard Prince
Royal Rebellion

 The Crucible Kingdom (spin-off)


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