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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Freak Accident


Mothers' Day - Cassidy on left, with long hair & big grin


Cassidy in the ER




Anyone who has ever raised teenage boys can understand the "why" of what happened to my youngest granddaughter this week - the common sense of boys that age is permanently set to "OFF." But to have supposedly innocent horseplay threaten the future of Cassidy, whose hopes include the Air Force Academy and becoming a fighter pilot . . .  

Here's what happened:

Cassidy and her boyfriend Alex were visiting a home in their neighborhood. They were all in the kitchen, Cassidy sitting on a high stool and looking at her phone while several boys amused themselves throwing PEPPERMINT PATTIES (in their silver foil wrappers) at each other. One went astray - as was inevitable - and hit Cassidy in the eye so hard she was knocked off the stool onto the floor.

Long story short - when the boys finally realized she was really hurt, Alex rushed her home, her parents rushed her to the ER. She and her father spent the night in the hospital. An opthamologist opened his office on a Sunday morning to examine her. He recommended she see a retina specialist. Which she did on Monday morning. (I was truly impressed at the prompt care she received, although it was also scary, as it indicated how serious the situation was.)

The retina specialist said that although she did not have a detached retina, there was a great deal of bleeding in her eye. Currently, she is in "wait & see" mode until her next visit to the specialist on June 1.

Cassidy, heeding her training in Air Force ROTC and Police Explorers, is being, in my opinion, too stoic about it all, declaring she still plans to participate in an upcoming marksmanship contest as her "shooting" eye is still good. (Insert Grandmotherly sigh.)  

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A few days after Cassidy's disaster, her mother was involved in a very different incident - rescuing a good-sized turtle from being run over. When she posted this video to Facebook, she noted she was wearing her Girl Scout shirt while doing her good deed for the day. (Susie works for the Central Florida Girl Scout Council.)

To see Susie's video, click here. 


To close this week's Mosaic Moments with a smile, here is a cartoon sent to me by my son. (No attribution included.)


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