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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Gallery & Giveaway

 The Crucible Kingdom will be a "Giveaway" 

at Goodreads from April 26 to May 8.

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Another of those priceless comments on the oddities of the English language. 

Palm Sunday

Our church's Youth Orchestra, plus a ringer from the Senior Choir, playing for the Palm Sunday procession. 

Arcus cloud over Kearney, Nebraska

by Robert McGinnis - found on Facebook

Susie went on her first dive of 2022 & scored a big megalodon tooth:


Our Riley looked stunning for Prom:

You can tell Mama was once a makeup artist.


Cassidy won three awards at the Air Force ROTC Awards ceremony this week. Below, with proud Mom & Pop:


The rules for the AMVETS award, which Cassidy won:

And for a soothing closing, a photo by Vonnie Alto . . .

Jacaranda trees

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