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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Summer Photo Gallery

I keep scribbled Post-it notes of the photos I've accumulated. Sometimes, the list is sparse; occasionally, it runs to two Post-its, as it did this week. So it's time to devote an entire Mosaic Moments to a Photo Gallery.


For the English buffs among us . . .


Scary crabmeat - Wow!

Are you old enough to remember some of these?

Found on Facebook

That Remarkable Creature, the Cat

Posted to Facebook by Karen Auriti

If it fits, I sit (posted to FB by Donna Hatch)

Ganesh at the Computer

Willow & Buffy on their 3rd floor Cat Perch

And continuing the competition, Ganesh as a kitten . . .



Wildlife Photo of the Week (from Facebook)

Both Cassidy & I had birthdays


Cassidy - 2012


Cassidy & Grandmothers, 2021


Cassidy & Alex, 2021


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