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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Matthew Wolfe - The Adventures Begin

This week's Mosaic Moments photo gallery can be found below the links to Matthew Wolfe - The Adventures Begin.


I'm delighted to announce that Book 2 of my Matthew Wolfe series is now available on Amazon and Smashwords.


At the risk of being taken up by Bow Street, Matthew Wolfe returns to London, hoping to discover some clue to his heritage, which just might be royal. But, of course, almost nothing goes as he hoped. Not even the role he had eagerly anticipated as one of Harding's Hellions. Yet becoming an adventurer has some unanticipated benefits, such as acquiring an elegant mistress a decade his senior. And discovering his former fishing companion, Jocelyn, has grown into a beauty old enough to make her come-out.

But even as a partner in a newly formed private investigations business, life does not run smoothly for Matthew. Vast sums of gold and gems are being lost to a clever gang of thieves operating on both sides of the Channel, yet Matthew and his partner are unable to capture the villains. A problem that is also keeping him too busy to explore that ever-tantalizing trail that might lead to royal relatives. And then, just as he is on the verge of combining his search for the thieves with the long-postponed search for his heritage, yet another dramatic problem crops up.

Warning:  The Matthew Wolfe series is a return to an old tradition—one long story told in installments, each with a cliff-hanger ending. So do not expect Happily Ever After until the final book.

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For a link to Matthew Wolfe, Book 2 on Amazon, click here.

For a link to Matthew Wolfe, Book 2 on Smashwords, click here.

For a link to Blair's Facebook Author Page with background information on Matthew Wolfe - The Adventures Begin, click here.


 This Week's Photo Gallery

Hen, caring for kittens during a snowstorm

Ganesh, up to the ceiling again

Repeat of an Oldie but Goodie

And my favorite, this amazing bit of schoolwork by Emma Preach, in Grade 5. She is clearly destined for great things. 

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