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Saturday, February 6, 2021

MASKS - Updated

 A sneak peek at the cover for the Matthew Wolfe series, Book Two:



 MASKS - Updated

Late last spring, when Florida's governor grandly declared the re-opening of almost all our businesses, I remember feeling like the Voice in the Wilderness when I kept telling people Reopening was all the more reason to wear masks, not decide that times had miraculously returned to normal! (As soaring Covid rates soon proved.) 

And now, all these months later, I feel a second wave of false relief as vaccines - God bless them! - become more available. And yet again I say, WE ARE NOT OUT OF THE WOODS! We are, in fact, even farther from normality than ever, as variants of Covid-19 rear their ugly heads right and left. At this moment, we are not even close to vaccinating all our seniors or even all our vital services providers. ALL RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS, INCLUDING THE VACCINATED, SHOULD BE WEARING MASKS FOR MONTHS TO COME.

Do I want to go back to spending my days making masks? I do not. I want to continue my Matthew Wolfe series to its Happily Ever After ending. But we too deserve an HEA ending, and we vastly improve our chances of that—and the chances of our friends, acquaintances, and chance-met strangers—by wearing a mask! Therefore, I am updating my Masks for Sale site in this week's blog. Times, thank goodness, have changed, with masks now readily available everywhere - and many of them stunning. But mine remained priced at $5.00 for pick-up, $6.50 for those shipped within in the U.S.

All Grace masks now come with nose wire and sliding buttons on the elastic that make them easily adjustable for all adults. (Smaller masks are available for children under ten.) All masks are Machine Wash & Dry.

For orders or further information, please email me at: 


Close-up of adjustable elastic:


Special Note:  No additional charge for ordering a different fabric for each side.


The following fabrics are currently available, newest ones at the top:











Music Staffs





























Fall Garden






























Pink Flowers








Red Polka Dot








Teal Bandana







Yellow Flowers








Yellow Diamond*














*The center seam masks (above) are available in all fabrics, but with plastic instead of aluminum nose wire.

**Masks have metallic touches in silver or gold.

REPEAT: Some of the above are old photos from a time when elastic was impossible to buy. ALL masks now come with adjustable black or white elastic, as seen in the photo at the top of the page.

 ~ * ~

Thanks for stopping by,

Grace (Blair Bancroft)


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