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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Doonesbury - a Comment on our Times

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Cassidy & Mom beginning scuba certification so they can 
dive for really large sharks' teeth on an underwater shelf 
off the Venice (FL) coast.*

Underwater at Rainbow Springs, near Dunnellon


*Posted to remind us that not everything is doom & gloom.

Grace Note:  Until I saw these photos, I never thought they looked alike.

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(national cartoon, as seen in the Orlando Sentinel, Sunday, June 14, 2020)

Way, way back in ages dark, when I lived in Connecticut and my husband was a fellow of Branford College at Yale, there was a student who was already making a name for himself for Bull Tales, a cartoon appearing in what we called "The Yaley Daily." I recall my husband's niece being thrilled when she was invited to parties at the cartoonist's apartment, which, as I recall, was in the atmospheric Wooster Square area of New Haven.

Gary Trudeau went ahead to become world-famous as the creator of the cartoon strip, Doonesbury, and though the weekly comics are now re-runs, Sunday's cartoons keep up-to-the minute with the current world. (Though, occasionally, to my considerable annoyance, the Sentinel censors Trudeau's anti-Trump statements by reducing the size of the cartoon until it is unreadable without a magnifying glass!) Last Sunday's message, however, escaped censorship, and is such a perfect reflection of the world as Trump sees it that I am going to attempt to pass it along below.

No, no scan and paste - I don't want to totally violate the copyright laws - but I think Gary wouldn't mind my passing along his words. 

The scene remains the same throughout all frames of the cartoon: the podium at a presidential press conference, the American flag to stage left.

Frame 1:  (Trump at the podium)  "Nobody has done anything like we've been able to! Nobody! Incredible, because Obama left behind a mess!"

Frame 2:  "And honestly, some of the governors have been ungrateful . . . Do-nothing Democrats, mostly . . . and their friends in the lying press . . ."

Frame 3:  ". . . who have been horrible, believe me! Okay, that's it! Not taking any questions today because they're always nasty!"

Frame 4:  (President shown leaving the podium.)

Frame 5:  (Trump's voice, from offstage)  "What? Oh, c'mon . . . seriously?
Fine! Gimme that!"

Frame 6: (Trump back on podium, reading from a small piece of paper, grumpy expression on his face) "We grieve for everybody who died today. Okay? Happy?"

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