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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Singapore Gallery

Why the Reale family & crew is in Singapore: Setting up & doing tech for a big conference.

While Daddy works . . .

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For video of the truly spectacular light show presented each night along hotel row in Singapore harbor, click here.

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Infinity pool on the 57th floor

Not quite as scary as it looks

Culture Contrast

Inside a temple

An entire store with nothing but gold jewelry
Koi Pond

Note the "leaning" building in the background

And where else would the Director and two members of The Citrus Singers go but to the Singapore Girl Guides? Where they had a very gracious reception from their counterparts on the far side of the world. Susie bought three boxes of Girl Guide cookies to share with The Citrus Singers - not the flavors found at home.

Singapore Garden

Singapore Garden Whimsy

Cassidy, Riley, Hailey
Getting ready for the 25-hour flight home

Unexpected "Extra" - back in Dubai, capital of the United Arab Emirates
An "oops" in the ride home - plane from Singapore was late, missed connection. Result:  25 hours in Dubai at Emirates Airlines' expense. 

And a final farewell from the grandgirls, 2009.

Cassidy, Hailey, Riley, 2009

What a difference ten years makes!
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  1. I trust none of the girls are overly fond of chewing gum. :) Again, beautiful pictures, and what an opportunity!