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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Index to Grace's Blog Book

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As regular readers of this blog know, I have been struggling for nearly two years to organize all my blog posts on Writing and Editing into book form. The purpose? It has simply become too difficult to find a specific topic in the deluge of posts from January 2011 until now. And I hope putting all my "down to earth" advice and frequently frank comments—admittedly, some repetitive over the course of nearly nine years!—will make it easier for authors, particularly struggling "newbies," to find the advice they need.

So below, please find the Index to Making Magic With Words. When it finally makes it online, each post in the Index will be linked to the proper page. Today, without dates, finding any one post still requires a search through the Archives, but hopefully I'm down to the final stretch and the book will be available before the end of the year.


Writing, Editing, & Random Thoughts
from Grace's Mosaic Moments

So You Want to Write a Book . . .


On Being a Writer
Writing Workshop 1 - Getting Started
Writing Workshop 2 - Next Steps
Writing Workshop 3 - Hook
Writing Workshop 4 - Plot
Writing Workshop 5 - Other “Musts”
Writing Workshop 6 - Characters+
Writing Workshop 7 - Narration
Writing Workshop 8 - Dialogue
Writing Workshop 9 - Transitions
The Routine of Writing
Know Your Genre
Where Do You Get Your Ideas? - 1
Where Do You Get Your Ideas? - 2
Birth of a Book
More on Birth of a Book
Adding Color to Your Work
Advice for Newbie Authors
Advice - What’s Next?
Too Many Characters, Too Much Plot
When Suspended Disbelief Doesn’t Work

Vital Puzzle Pieces
How to Develop Characters - Names
How to Develop Characters - Creating Personalties
How to Develop Characters - Showing Personalities
Character Development - Character Changes 1
Character Development - Character Changes 2
Character Development - Character Changes 3
Character Development - Character Changes 4
Character Development - The Unexpected 1
Character Development - The Unexpected 2
What’s in a Name?
Nitty Gritty of Names
Creating a Hero
Creating a Heroine
Creating Secondary Characters 1
Creating Secondary Characters 2
More on Characterization & POV
Point of View
Third Person vs. First 1
Third Person vs. First 2
Intricacies of Point of View
Attitudes Toward POV
Multiple POVs
More on POV
Approaches to POV
Show vs. Tell 1
Show vs. Tell 2
Show vs. Tell - Warning Words
Show vs. Tell - Examples
Notes on Writing Dialogue
Organizing the Out of the Mist Author
Out of the Mist Oops
Out of the Mist Again
Transforming Truth into Fiction
Setting - Examples
The Difference a Word Makes (2016)
The Sound of Silence


Writing No-No’s
How to Write a Bad Book
How to Write a Mediocre Book
Running Off at the Keyboard - Bad Book
Signs of Amateur Writing
How Not to Write a Book - Mistakes 1
How Not to Write a Book - Mistakes 2
Rant - Lack of Punctuation
Ranting on Subtleties
Rants - Old & New
Writing Mistakes
Misused Words 1
Misused Words 2

Nuts & Bolts
Writing 101 - Formatting
Writing 101 - Punctuation 1
Writing 101 - Punctuation 2
Writing 101 - Tab Conversion
Writing 101 - Self-Editing 1
Writing 101 - Self-Editing 2
Varying Sentence Structure
Writing Fragments
To Be or Not to Be
Don’t Be a Rule Slave (Adverbs)
Adverbs Are Not Anathema
How to Punctuate Dialogue 1
How to Punctuate Dialogue 2
Dangling Participles
Modern Punctuation
The Colon is Down but not Out
Playing with Tags
Capitals 1
Capitals 2
Italics 1
Italics 2
The Difference a Word Makes (2013)
Treacherous Words
Shortcut Codes - ASCII
Shortcut Cods - Microsoft

Writing a Series
Why Write a Series?
Cliff-hanger Series
Single-title Series
Mixed Approach Series
Series Summary
Series Update

World Building Series
World Building 1- Setting
World Building 2 - World from Scratch
World Building 3 - Adding Details
World Building 4 - More on Details

Women’s Fiction
What is Women’s Fiction?
Women’s Fiction Update
More on Women’s Fiction

Dictionary for Writers
     (not alphabetical)
Dictionary for Writers 1
Dictionary for Writers 2
Dictionary for Writers 3
Dictionary for Writers 4
Dictionary for Writers 5

Rules & Rule-Breaking

Rules for Romance 1
Rules for Romance 2
Rule-Breaking 101 - 1
Rule-Breaking 101 - 2
Rule-Breaking 101 - 3



Introduction to Editing
I Ran Spell Check, I’m Done, Right?
Questions Authors Should Ask
The Routine of Writing
Tackling Major Edits (2014)
Dealing With Major Edits (2019)
Editing Basics
Layering - a Writing Technique
More on Layering
Working With an Editor
Making Changes to Published Works
Author Oops
Trick to Track Changes
Taming Word 2016 Track Changes

Edit the Blasted Book

Handbook for Indie Authors
Editor or Copy Editor?
Manuscript Format for the 21st Century
Writing No-No’s
Point of View
Anatomy of an Edit 1
Anatomy of an Edit 2

Copyediting Challenges
 (grammar & punctuation)
Copyediting Challenges - 1
Copyediting Challenges - 2
Copyediting Challenges - 3
Copyediting Challenges - 4
Copyediting Challenges - 5
Copyediting Challenges - 6
Copyediting Challenges - 7

Editing Scold
Tale of Three Books
Old Bugaboo - Editing
Cultural Confusion

Editing Again
More on Editing
Editing Examples - 1
Editing Examples - 2
Editing Examples - 3
The Agony of Final Edits - 1
The Agony of Final Edits  - 2
Editing Examples 2019 - 1
Editing Examples 2019 - 2


Why Read Romance?
Pen Power
Guideposts to Critiquing
How Does Your Novel Grow?
What’s the Fasination with Fairy Tales?
Fairy Tales & Romance
Mystery vs. Gothic
Word Perfect to Indie Pub
Twisted Times
Reminiscences of Controversies 1
Reminiscences of Controversies 2
Why Writers Must Read
Writing Mistakes - Personal
Creating an ARC


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