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Saturday, February 23, 2019

CONTEST - The Ghosts of Rushton Court



The teal blue faux suede purse is 6.5 inches x 5.75 inches (165mm x 145mm). Large enough to accommodate most cell phones. It is lined in lighter teal blue, with a Velcro closing.

The silver faux leather purse is 5.5 inches x 7.25 inches (140 mm x 184+mm).
It too can accommodate most cell phones. It is lined in burgundy with a Velcro closure.

Both purses are handmade by me, aka Blair Bancroft, from the bargello needlework to the lining. 


1.  The contest will extend from midnight (EST), February 23, 2019 until midnight, March 31, 2019. (Winners to be announced within a week.)

2.  All questions must be answered. Ties will be broken by the quality of the reply to the essay question (judged by me).

3.  Copy the questions, add replies, and send to:

4.  Please sign your entry with your first name. (Or full name, if preferred.)

5.  I will acknowledge each entry. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, send entry to: (Experience has shown that some systems do not connect well with AOL.)

6.  The winner will have a choice of the two purses above. Runner-up will receive the other purse. 


1.  What is the name of the Durrant family mascot?

2.  What is stolen from the chapel?

3.  At what house did Blake and Marian spend their honeymoon?

4.  Why does Marian think her husband is trying to kill her? 
     (More than one acceptable answer to this question.)

5.  What large neighborhood event did the Durrants host?

6.  What does Sir Jasper carry under his arm?

7.  Some of the Durrant servants are from another country. Which country?

8.  What position do Monsieur Jacques and Imram hold in the Durrant households?

9.  Lucian is Joel's brother. True or False.

10. Name your favorite character in The Ghosts of Rushton Court. Tell me why in 500 words or less. (The character may be primary, secondary, or a ghost.)

~ * ~

If you have not yet read The Ghosts of Rushton Court, copies are available at most online vendors. Links to Amazon & Smashwords below.

 For a link to Ghosts on Amazon, click here.

For a link to Ghosts on Smashwords, click here.
Good luck!
Thanks for stopping by,
Grace (Blair Bancroft) 

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