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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Blair's Contemporary Novels

Maybe they just didn't have enough N's & U's. Sigh

With Hidden Danger, Hidden Heart free this past week on Kindle, I decided to take advantage of all the copies downloaded and do one of my periodic promos of my contemporary novels. 

Of the following books, only Shadowed Paradise and Paradise Burning have crossover characters, but Death by Marriage and Orange Blossoms and Mayhem have the same general setting as the Paradise books, the supposedly fictional town of "Golden Beach." As does Florida Knight, although it ranges over other parts of rural Florida as well. The Art of Evil is set just 20 miles north of "Golden Beach" at the very real, and thinly disguised, John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art. The setting for Love at Your Own Risk, however, is some 1200 miles from Florida in one of my favorite spots on earth: outer Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

All books below are available on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords, except Hidden Danger, Hidden Heart, which is currently available only on Kindle. 

Two burnouts—a defense attorney and a homicide detective—discover that, no matter how hard they struggle, opposites do attract. [A Cape Cod story.]

A Florida Highway Patrol officer finds a bizarre new world, not to mention love, as he goes undercover inside a Medieval Reenactment group to investigate his brother's injury in a tournament. [A Florida Gulf Coast story, based on the activities of the Society for Creative Anachronisms.]

A Florida cracker and a New England widow meet with a resounding cultural clash against the backdrop of a serial killer stalking real estate agents in a resort community. [A Florida Gulf Coast story.]


When Amanda Armitage agrees to do research for the husband she hasn't seen in seven years, she discovers his book about international trafficking in women and children is being lived out in an old line shack right across the river. [A Florida Gulf Coast story.]

An FBI agent, recovering from severe injuries as well as the death of her lover, attempts to discover who is killing people at the Bellman Museum in Sarasota, Florida. [A Florida Gulf Coast story set in Sarasota]

A costume designer flees the big city, only to turn sleuth when she discovers bad things can also happen in a sleepy Florida retirement community. [A Florida Gulf Coast story.]

Laine Halliday, troubleshooter for her family's wedding planning business, takes on far more than she bargained for when she encounters a mystery man on the Inca Trail in Peru and discovers a client back home is a Russian mob boss. [An international tale, primarily set on Florida's Gulf Coast.]

A Russian mystery man and an American FBI agent become strangely matched partners in a search for two antique nuclear bombs. [An international tale set in NYC, Connecticut, Wyoming, New Jersey, Florida, Russia, and Iran.]

Two strong, arrogant people from vastly different backgrounds are forced to work together to discover who is poisoning food crops on both sides of the Atlantic. [An international tale set in the U.S., Portugal, and Spain.]

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Next week, as promised: more on sentence structure


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