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Saturday, February 27, 2016



 As I've mentioned before, I am a long-time SyFy reader, beginning with Galaxy magazine while I was in high school. But I never tried to write it as I knew I didn't have the technical knowledge to carry it off. And then along came "Futuristics," a more romantic and less techie version of SyFy, and of course I said, "Why not?"

Except—sigh—so many Futuristics seemed to emphasize hot sex, and that definitely wasn't my cup of tea. So with two of my favorite authors in mind - Jane Castle (Jayne Ann Krentz) and Linnea Sinclair - I set out to write a story  set in the future but with more emphasis on romance and less on technical details than most SyFy. Fixing my sights on a hopefully happy middle-of-the-road, I created a plot involving an aggressive warlike planet bent on establishing an empire and a small backwater planet of peace-loving people who had eschewed violence in order to develop powers of the mind. And Rebel Princess was born.

I was writing for Ellora's Cave Blush at the time, and my editor loved it, said she stayed up all night to finish it. I had a contract, a cover; we had finished first edits when Blush crashed. Not only no more submissions but new works, even those as far along as mine, would not be published.

In total shock, I left the manuscript mostly on the back shelf, though I submitted a couple of queries (I'd almost forgotten what that was like!) Nothing. Yet I was reluctant to go the indie route as I had with my backlist and more recent books. My Regency followers read a SyFy/Futuristic/Paranormal?? But when Kindle Scout invited me to submit, I thought, "Okay, maybe this is it." Maybe the power of Amazon will bring in readers for a Futuristic by an author mostly known for her Regencies! (That, of course, remains to be seen.)

I had planned to write one book for the sheer fun of it, but about three-quarters of the way through, I realized there was no way to conclude such a wide-ranging tale in one book. So Blue Moon, the book, became Blue Moon, the series, the number of volumes rapidly escalating from one to three to four. Yes, it was one of those stories that just wouldn't shut up, with a host of characters who kept insisting on starring roles. For example, I started out with one royal in mind and ended up with four! Projected titles are: Sorcerer's Bride, The Bastard Prince, and Royal Rebellion. I'm currently struggling through The Bastard Prince, which is a challenge as, like the heroine of Lady Silence, he doesn't talk.

Even if you've never read SyFy or Futuristic before, I hope you'll give Rebel Princess a try. The romance is as strong as the derring-do! The first review was just posted - five stars. I'd love to see a few more. Hint, hint!

The description below is an expanded version of what is available on Amazon.

The people of the peaceful planet Psyclid have spent a millennia cultivating skills of the mind, the people of the planet Regula Prime an equal amount of time developing their military might. Kass Kiolani, a Psyclid princess in disguise, is the first of her kind to attend the Regulon Space Academy. But when her new "friends" invade her homeworld, she is rescued from rape and possible medical experimentation only by the swift action of Tal Rigel, an honorable (and admiring) captain in the Regulon fleet. She spends the next four years in solitary confinement, where she dreams of her rescuer but has no idea she has inadvertently sparked a rebellion against the Regulon Empire.

When she is freed at last, she finds herself in the midst of a fight against the Empire, and thoroughly disoriented by the contrast between her fantasies and the actual Tal Rigel. She also must contend with Regulon rebels who fear her psychic powers, her fey younger brother who speaks only through illusions, her parents who believe in non-violence, and a fiancé who happens to be a sorcerer. The hope of toppling the Empire is a dim light at the end of a very long tunnel.

For Rebel Princess on Amazon, click here.  

(Rebel Princess is currently a Free Read for KindleUnlimited subscribers.)

For a "vocabulary" of some of the many words created for the world of the Blue Moon series, click here.

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My Rebel Princess wasn't the only princess debuting in Florida this month. Here is a professional photo of Hailey during one of several solo appearances during the 3-day skating competition in Maitland.

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  1. Happy Sunday Blair! As a reader, I've followed you where ever you and your books go! I think my first book I read of yours was Steeplechase. And then finding them at Amazon and Smashwords. I read a variety of genres (but yes, historical is my favorite) but too paranormal, so this book REBEL PRINCESS sounds right up my alley! It sounds so unique! I am looking forward to the release! Congrats on getting it published with Kindle World!


  2. Thank you, Cathie. Your kind words made my day!