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Sunday, December 27, 2015

London Collage by Riley

When we were in London last July, we set out to do a classic double-decker bus tour. On this, my seventh visit to London, I thought I knew my way around pretty well, but somehow we mistook the address of the transport station and ended up with a lo-o-ong walk, arriving, breathless, at the very last minute and having to sit on the first floor (windows instead of open air). I was exhausted and when Riley, age ten, asked to borrow my phone to take pictures, I gladly handed it over. 

Over the next 45 minutes she took an absolutely amazing collage of London, even remembering my maiden name and snapping a photo of a sign saying saying "Hays" in order to surprise me. So I'm dedicating this holiday collage to the photos Riley took that afternoon. I suspect she inherited some of her Grandfather Elliott's skill with a camera. (He founded the Audio-Visual Center at Yale.) All photos are from a Samsung Galaxy 5, taken under gray skies, through a window, from a moving bus.)  Brava, Riley!

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