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Sunday, March 10, 2013


WARNING:  If you plan to visit Legoland Florida, food is hard to find past the area near the entrance. The only other food I found was a "restaurant" overlooking the lake, which featured pre-made sandwiches & ice cream. Since we were too busy seeing the park to stop to eat—and my family closed the place out 45 minutes after official closing time!—we were all starved. And restaurants don't exactly litter Rte. 27 either - we felt fortunate to finally find a Sonny's, else we might have wasted away before we made it all the way back to Orlando.

Entrance to the Lego version of Star Wars - with glare affecting my centering, alas

The Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon, airborne 

Note the amazing detail - and all done in Legos.

And no, I have no idea how the Falcon levitated.  It was a case of "Press a button" & up she went! Can't find her? 
That's the MF, with her sides glowing blue. 

Everybody's favorite robot

My apologies for ruining this photo of Darth Vader  (my family insisted)

Unexpected backdrop - note Lego giraffe
And many more remarkable details at Legoland's Star Wars


On to a some of our most famous cities & sights.
Lego ferry circling the Statue of Liberty

A "Vegas" geyser

The Lego version of the Kennedy Space Center - 
and a good way to end this week's visit to
Legoland Florida. (One more 
installment to come.)

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