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Monday, October 22, 2012


Not all surprises are good ones. Lady Christine Ashford, daughter of the Earl of Bainbridge, is enjoying a glorious first season in London when tragedy strikes. Suddenly, she and her two younger sisters are thrust from the glitter of the London ton to the far reaches of Yorkshire, where they must live with relatives until the new earl returns from his diplomatic post in Canada. To compound Christine’s grief, her Yorkshire cousin decides she and her generous dowry are just what he needs, making her situation untenable.

The problem seems to be solved when the girls’ guardian, Harlan Ashford, the new Earl of Bainbridge, returns and makes Christine an offer of marriage. But the shock of her father’s death and the intrusion into their lives of a perfect stranger make it difficult for her to adapt to being a bride.  As Christmas approaches, Christine is faced with two unhappy sisters and a decidedly unhappy husband. She has a decision to make—maintain her strict mourning and intransigent behavior or save her marriage. Is it possible one last surprise, a happy one, can bring Christmas spirit to a house of mourning? And perhaps love as well?

Note: Blair Bancroft is Grace's alter ego.

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DON'T GO AWAY!   See Suwanee Addendum below:

Shot in the driveway of our Suwanee neighbor's house. And, yes, that's a rattlesnake!   

 I'm inclined to think there's such a thing as getting too far away from civilization.

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  1. Congratulations on the new release. Sounds good. Icky about the rattlesnake though. Scary.

  2. Lyndi, the rattlesnake is extremely icky!
    Hosneara, thank you for taking the time to tell me you found Grace's Mosaic Moments. I hope you come back again.