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Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Indomitable Miss Lacey - a Traditional Regency


My last blog post, "What is a Traditional Regency?" did not come out of the blue. After a number of years of writing Regency Gothics, Regency Historicals, the uncategorizable—is there such a word?—Matthew Wolfe series, and a spin-off of my SciFi Fantasy series, Blue Moon Rising, I went back to my long-ago Regency roots with Signet and wrote a genuine Traditional Regency . . . well, almost. Inserting Peru into a Trad Regency may be a bit of a stretch! 

So, sorry, Gothic fans. No dark & gloomy settings, no dead bodies, no ghosts, no paranormal, no threatened heroine—just London during the Season, though the hero and heroine—a world-traveling spinster and an impoverished earl—also stretch the Trad Regency concept a bit. 

The Indomitable Miss Lacey is available on Amazon and Smashwords (with a 15% free read), and should soon be available on most ebook vendor sites.

Grace note:  I did some in-depth research on Vauxhall for this one and have probably included more than anyone wants to know about the famous pleasure gardens. But after reading about the Dark Walk in so many novels, it was truly satisfying to find out where it was actually located. 

So here is my first Trad Regency in umpteen years:


Miss Madeline Lacey—world traveler and spinster—is a far cry from the other young ladies making their debut in London society. But instead of wilting into an aging wallflower, she surprises everyone by attracting the attention of a wealthy country gentleman and a newly made rough-about-the-edges earl. Except . . . one lacks the spirit of adventure and the other is allegedly betrothed to the daughter of a marquess. And then there is the problem of what to do with the many artifacts Miss Lacey's father accumulated during eighteen years of exploration, as well as the deep, dark secret that Miss Lacey is not as penniless as society assumes. Disaster looms as sheer stubbornness on the part of both hero and heroine threatens the possibility of Happily Ever After.

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