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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Gallery & Cover Reveal

 Long-time readers of Grace's Mosaic Moments know that even back in the days when most of my blogs were devoted to Writing and Editing tips, I always sneaked in family photos, mostly of the grandgirls. And these days are no different, except the girls are all grown up and doing remarkable things—Hailey majoring in Engineering with the nearby Space Center in mind, Riley a freshman at Stetson, and Cassidy considering a career in the Air Force or as a commercial pilot. As her first step on this long road, below a pic of the license that recently arrived in the mail.

A nostalgic moment as the girls jump the dunes in Dubai, when they accompanied their parents on a business trip to Singapore in 2019.


A few weeks ago, Hurricane Idalia tracked north just off the Florida Gulf Coast, churning the seabed along the way, resulting in Susie's best one-dive haul ever:

I believe she said that's a mammoth tooth on the right.

After this triumphant dive, Susie changed her Facebook photo to:

For Gramma Grace's addition to the family achievements, see Cover Reveal at the end of this blog.

A Special note for my surprisingly many readers in Singapore: Susie and her husband Mike will be in Singapore late next week, where he directs the technical support for a convention that meets there every other year. So if you see a curly-haired reddish blonde, old enough to be the mother of the two on the left . . . (Cassidy was in Flight School when this was taken at Susie's birthday party.)

Riley, Hailey, Susie, June 2023


 And now, a Gallery of treasures, filched from Facebook:


Highway Interchange in China

Yosemite - photo by Leanna Dilbeck

Grand Canyon

Taken 9/11/23 by Margaret Riegert West

Arizona Sunset by Delle Jacobs

 ~ * ~

Delle is also an outstanding Cover Artist. The latest example of the umpteen gorgeous covers she has created for my books since 2011:


The London adventures of Miss Madeline Lacey should be available - hopefully - sometime around mid-October.

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