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Saturday, November 12, 2022




Another week of storm prep, hunkering down, constantly watching radar & TV reports, carrying a lantern around while hoping for the best, and . . . once again lucking out, while many here in Florida were hit hard. For the second time in six weeks. This time, not by a Cat 5 hurricane like Ian but by the incredible tidal destruction of the barely Cat 1 Nicole. 

While I sat high and dry on my little plateau in Longwood, giant trees toppled over 15 miles north in Sanford as Lake Monroe flooded over ground already saturated by Ian, turning the soil to mud. And much worse, along the coast 15-25 ft waves pounded ashore onto dunes already severely eroded by Ian and swept away sea walls previously damaged by Ian. Some 49 structures along the beaches in Volusia and Brevard counties (the Space Coast) have been declared uninhabitable. Many of these are towering condominiums, not simply single-family houses. A number of homes fell into the sea, and condos were left "on the brink," the ocean lapping at their foundations. 

For a link to one of the many videos of the damage to homes in Wilbur-by-the-Sea (Volusia County), click here.

On top of all that, of course, this was election week, Floridians who left their vote to the last day had to endure a succession of cloudbursts as Nicole's outer bands approached us from the Bahamas. All in all, a week we're all glad to put behind us.

We've truly earned our lighter moments! Hopefully, you'll enjoy the variety of photos below. 


In this dramatic week, we did not forget to celebrate Veterans' Day.


In honor of our fallen heroes


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Below is a link to a Facebook video showing a construction of 10,000 dominoes biting the dust - the most elaborate domino-stacking I've ever seen.

For a link to the fall of 10,000 dominoes   click here.

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Fabulous photo found on Facebook (no attribution)

From long ago - Cassidy & Bear

Can't have a Gallery without a Cat Photo . . .


From Facebook

My daughter has been posting all sorts of fabulous photos from Spain, but this is the one that really struck me - taken at the dinner table of Mike's cousins.


And then there is this marvelous poem, found on Facebook this morning . . .


And to close, this truly remarkable post-Nicole photo taken by Seminole County friend, Sharon Studenc . . .


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