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Saturday, June 4, 2022

Blair Books & Photo Gallery

 Blatant Promo

The Bastard Prince has joined Rebel Princess and Sorcerer's Bride on Smashwords and its many affiliates - B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd, etc. Hopefully, Book 4, Royal Rebellion, will be added before the end of June. (The entire Blue Moon series is currently available on Amazon.)

What to do with K'kadi Amund, the youngest of four royal children—the one who doesn't talk? The young man of almost twenty-one who can still lose himself in moments of beauty, or moments of disaster. "Unreliable" and "weird" are some of the kinder things said about him. So why does S'sorrokan, leader of the rebellion against the Regulon Empire, consider him one of his most vital assets? But even when K'kadi comes into his own and gets what was once his greatest desire, he discovers that growing up comes with a price.

Grace note:  Although this book gives K'kadi a starring role, he is a prominent character in all the Blue Moon books, including the recent spin-off, The Crucible Kingdom.




Doin' the Willow Twist


Below:  Special pics for those who find English both fascinating and frustrating; i.e., Authors, Editors, English Teachers, Beleaguered Students & Anyone Who Ever Learned English as a Foreign Language.

If you missed it, you're probably not cut out to be an editor.

I know people this fussy about English. Do you?

And below a very special quote for all authors out there, whether your genre is Fiction, Non-fiction, or Business.


The motto of "out of the mist" authors like me.


Below are three of an amazing selection of Facebook photos of a Public Bathroom in Australia. No city given, no explanation of how this came about, but there's no denying it's fabulous. (And likely unique.) If anyone can give more details about this work of art, please post to Comments.

Note the hot air balloon!

All I can say is, "Wow!"


And please don't forget . . .



On a planet far, far away, a starship captain and a widowed duchess—both strong-willed and accustomed to being boss—are forced to work together to save their world from a curse cast by an evil sorcerer.

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  1. Alas, if you know someone who has been incarcerated, you know that "jail" and "prison" are not exactly synonyms. Loved the Beethoven typo!