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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Matthew Wolfe - Revelations

 I'm delighted to announce that Matthew Wolfe - Revelations went live on Amazon and Smashwords on Friday afternoon—hopefully answering the many questions that have been building up over Books 1 and 2. (It was quite a challenge to get all the answers in there!)


 Matthew Wolfe's life has been one problem after another, most of them dramatic, many dangerous, and some heart-breaking. Despite all the friends he has made and all he has learned along the way, he knows only a tantalizing hint of his father's family and nothing about his mother's. As Book 3 opens, he is hoping to combine the pursuit of an elusive gang of gem thieves with a closer look into a possible personal link to the royal family of a small Alpine country, when, suddenly, Jocelyn Ainsley pops backs into his life and, along with her, his worst problem—the trauma of his mother's death in childbirth, which has left Matthew determined never to marry. (Even if a bastard from Seven Dials could ever raise his eyes as high as the daughter of a baronet.)

In this final book of the series, Matthew's dramatic past, his adventurous present, and his remarkable future finally come together, as he discovers both sides of his heritage, settles the Affair of the Gem Thieves in an unexpected and bittersweet fashion, and, with perhaps too much advice from friends and family, is forced to face the final challenge standing in the way of Happily Ever After.

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 You may remember that I began the Matthew Wolfe series about a year ago, deliberately crafting something "different" as a Covid-blues chaser. (And I needed a breather from all those Gothics, even if they are my best-sellers.) 

Despite all the drama in Matthew's life, I made an effort to take a lighthearted approach, always emphasizing friends and family. (Although, as it turns out—Spoiler Alert!—family can also include enemies.)

As I return to writing what may be my darkest Gothic yet (The Secrets of Stonebridge Castle), I will miss Matthew and his widespread crowd of family and friends. Despite all the trials and tribulations from The Making of Matthew Wolfe to Revelations, they were FUN. And I foresee a long and happy future for every last character, even the "bad guys." (That's the wonderful thing about being an author—I can make it all tune out any way I wish!)

For a link to Matthew Wolfe - Revelations on Amazon, click here.

For a link to Matthew Wolfe - Revelations on Smashwords, click here.

Please remember that Smashwords offers a 20% free read.

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 NEXT WEEK:  As I've stated in the past, with the publication of Making Magic With Words, a 200,000-word compilation of my advice on Writing and Editing from 2011-2020, I turned my blog topics elsewhere. But as I formatted Matthew Wolfe - Revelations for upload to Amazon and Smashwords—something I've done forty-plus times before and still find a challenge—I decided to revisit the subject. So next week, a newly written version of an old subject:  How to Format Your Manuscript for Upload to Amazon and Smashwords.

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