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Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Making of Matthew Wolfe

 I am delighted to present my personal entry in the anti-Covid stakes: a bittersweet coming-of-age story, with friends, family, plenty of warm fuzzy, and as much comedy as I could manage. This is the first book in a series of novellas that detail the rise of Matthew Wolfe from a prison hulk on the Thames to . . . well, who knows how far he will go? Author's Note and blurb below.



AUTHOR’S NOTE. Welcome to a Regency series with a twist! Although the Matthew Wolfe books feature the adventures of a supposed nobody off the mean streets of London, they are designed for Covid relief—light, warm-hearted, even whimsical. Hopefully, by the time Matthew has found his Happily Ever After, our World will have righted itself and we will be well on our way back to normal. Meanwhile, here is the first in a series of novellas told as an old-fashioned “serial,” each book with a cliff-hanger ending.

Matthew Wolfe, born and raised in the squalor of London’s inner city, should be a nobody, forever destined to obscurity, or perhaps the hangman. But wait . . . he can read and write, is a whiz at math, can speak like a gentleman, even knows more than a bit of French. And when the boy from London ends up on a hops farm in Kent, surrounded by remnants of the Royal 10th Hussars and a passel of children, what will this fish out of water do?  Retired military and their ladies, children, dogs, a regal cat, an Arabian stallion, neighbors in need, and a determined twelve-year-old—all assist Matthew on his journey toward the person he is meant to be..

 Links to The Making of Matthew Wolfe on Amazon & Smashwords can be found below.


This Week's Photo Gallery


Ganesh - Can I really make it all the way to top of the cupboard?

Over Thanksgiving vacation the Reale family & friends went scuba diving in Key Largo. Here are three of their underwater photos.

Cassidy Down Under

Mom blowing bubbles on the left, Cassidy up top

Photo by Cassidy - look closely & you will see . . .

It's time to get out of the water!

And from New Zealand the pièce de resistance . . .
Photo by Nick Crarer



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