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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Need a Mask?


On May 27, Space X will launch our first manned flight to the Space Station since the shuttles were retired nearly 10 years ago. Last night's TV news announced that despite all the troubles in the world, the launch will go up as planned. EXCEPT everyone is asked to stay at home and watch on TV. To all devoted launch fans, this is agony, but those of us in Florida will most certainly be out in our yards, looking east, holding our breaths, cheering the astronauts on.

Update, 5/28/20.  Heartfelt sigh. Launch a last-minute scrub due to weather - now scheduled for Saturday, 3:23; backup - Sunday (5/30 & 5/31).

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New information - May 28, 2020:  Just added the Astronomy print, below, to the mask fabrics. The design is large-scale, so each mask will have a different look. (Pattern will not show well in Fu style.)

Had a bit of a problem taking the photo

Astronomy Mask w/aluminum strip

New Information - May 23, 2020:  I've added a new mask to the styles available - iffy for women, I discovered, as it messes up your hair, but a good possibility for men. Advantages:  like masks with 4 ties, it adjusts to all sizes and is easy to slip up and down without total removal. Any of the fabrics below can be made up in this style.

Elastic goes over the head, behind the ears, tying behind the neck

New Information - May 15, 2020:  now that I have finally received a shipment of professional mask elastic (soft & stretchy) and have figured out something I can use for nose wire, all Grace masks will now incorporate these new materials. Sample pics below.

Pleat Mask w/nose wire

Fu (center seam) Mask w/nose wire

Grace Note:  Below is the official display page for Grace Masks. Please note that a few fabrics are no longer available. Place orders at:


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Please keep in mind that although cloth masks are NOT the equivalent of professional medical masks, they definitely contribute to keeping contagion down. And it's likely we will be wearing them for some time to come when interacting with people outside our homes. Therefore, everyone needs to have something on hand, even if it's only a scarf or an old T-shirt.

* * *

On 3/26/20 I posted a Do It Yourself Mask Making blog. If, however, you don’t own a sewing machine, or even needle and thread  - and wouldn’t know how to use them if they were staring you in the face - I’ll be happy to help.

Masks are $5 each, plus mailer & postage [$1.50 - 3.50 according to weight. U. S. A. only, please (Exceptions can be discussed on link below.)]

To order - or ask questions - contact Grace at:  Payment by check, Zelle, or Paypal Invoice (which includes payment by Credit Card). Local pick-up:  check, cash, or Zelle.

All masks are Machine Wash & Dry. (Only time will tell how well the masks with nose wires will hold up to washing, but I'm optimistic!)  [Previous copy read: Please note that if you have a mask with 1/4" elastic, even 1/8" elastic, the loops may need a hand-sewn tuck to make them fit. Which is why most Grace Masks come with crocheted chain ties, which have some stretch and are “one size fits all.”]

All colors below are available in either style mask (rectangular w/pleats or Fu w/curved center front). Please note that all prints are available in limited quantities, a few in really short supply. However, I have enough black on hand to outfit a monastery!

Red & Blue Stars (short supply)

Tan w/Stars

American Flags (out)

Patriotic Places  (out)


Black & Gray (out)

Stained Glass  (out)

Blue Mixed (short supply)

Dinosaurs (short supply)

Red Polka Dot

Yellow w/Flowers

Yellow Squares

Coral & White

Coral & Black

Tan w/Small Stars

Turquoise Bandana

Ladies Day

To order, contact Grace at:

As always, thanks for stopping by.


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