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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Books in Need of Love

On Monday my daughter informed me that she needed Christmas capes for five of the Citrus Singers by Friday. Needless to say, that meant no new blog this week. So I am falling back on a bit of promo for four of my more unusual books. As regular readers know, I do not like to repeat myself over and over (unless I'm pushing editing!) Although I love writing novels set in the Regency era (c. 1795-1820), I have frequently paused to write other genres, including suspense, mystery, sci fi, medieval, pseudo-medieval, and just plain romance. Below are covers and blurbs for four books I'd like to see appear more frequently on my Amazon and Smashwords sales lists!

And please do not forget my two Christmas novellas, Mistletoe Moment and A Lady Learns to Love, as 'Tis the Season . . ." 

My all-time favorite cover

A tale of young love, set against the seething times of the dynamic Henry II and his feisty wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. Alecyn de Beauclaire, an orphaned heiress, is torn from her home at age nine, becoming the "ward" of an earl and later of King Henry. Her only friend during her long captivity is a penniless squire who cannot even afford a horse and armor. It does not seem possible that they will ever be together. (This story featuring many actual people and incidents, was written for Young Adults, but adult readers should also find it enjoyable.) 

My venture into Steampunk/Alternative History

Recently orphaned Araminta Galsworthy travels to the home of her new guardian, Baron Julian Rochefort, an inventor like her father, only to find herself hastily married, and attacked by evangelicals who consider her husband's airship a work of the devil. Add a rebellion on behalf of a young princess against the Duke of Wellington who has taken over the government, and well, you have Alternative History with a strong dash of Steampunk.

Medieval Times in Florida
Florida Knight is based on my years as a member of the Society for Creative Anachronisms, an international Medieval-reenactment group with a whole slew of active chapters in Florida. And also on my years as "Roving Information" for the annual Medieval Fair at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. In addition, I was aided by advice from the husband of a friend of mine, a Florida State Trooper. And if you think the background in this is over the top, think again. The story may have come from my imagination. The Medieval-reenactment group if spot on.

A Florida Highway Patrol officer investigates his brother's injury in a Medieval Fair tournament and discovers an astounding sub-culture in today's Florida—the Medieval-reenactment group, the Lords & Ladies of Chivalry. He also finds a Lady Knight, fighting her way out of years of abuse. Michael Turco and Kate Knight both have a great deal to learn before they can solve a crime and lay each other's ghosts and preconceptions.

Based on my long-time love of Cape Cod
My father's first job after Harvard graduate school was Principal of the High School in Wellfleet, MA, on outer Cape Cod (just two town down from the tip of the Cape). I was only four years old, but even after we moved away, we went back every year, and many years later, my parents retired to the Cape. So my love of Cape Cod goes back more years than I care to admit to!

After winning a case she wished she'd lost (the defendant was a rapist), defense attorney Victoria Kent rushes off to her parents' vacation cottage on Cape Cod, only to find herself nose-to-nose with 9mm Glock. It seems the cottage is occupied. By John Paolillo, a homicide detective from New Haven who has been sentenced to two weeks' "rest"after hitting a defense attorney.

They end up not only sharing the cottage but exploring the outer Cape together and managing to fool themselves into thinking people with diametrically opposed views of the law can become a couple. But disaster strikes on the teeming streets of Provincetown, and it’s going to take more than physical attraction to find a way past the basic conflict that has split them apart.

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