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Saturday, January 20, 2018

A New Suspense by Blair

The picture above was posted to Facebook this week, making the point that most of us have never seen a map of the "Indian" nations. I'm certain such a map didn't even exist when I was in school "way back when." And yes, it's long past time we acknowledged that the now-named Native Americans were here first - even if they were immigrants from Asia thousands of years earlier. The Abnaki, by the way, the ones who sheltered my ancestor Peter Demo, after the Battle of Quebec, are in the upper right corner, southeast of the Algonquins. (FYI, the hard-to-read dark blob in the Southwest is Apache territory.)

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I published a tale of Suspense this week that sat more than eight years on the shelf as the newspaper headlines changed, governments changed, our list of enemies changed . . . and then, finally, attention swung back to what first inspired me to write Hidden Danger, Hidden Heart way back around 2009: "The Wall."

How did I manage to combine a story of agricultural terrorism with a group of teens protesting "The Wall"? Believe me, it wasn't easy - although I thoroughly enjoyed writing the cultural clash of the stormy romance between a New England businesswoman and an Hispanic entrepreneur! 

So although I've written a lot of Regency-set books, Hidden Danger, Hidden Heart is as in-your-face contemporary as it gets. I was updating right up to the moment I hit the "Publish" button. I hope you'll take a moment to check it out - keep in mind a 20% free read is available on Smashwords. For a link to Hidden Danger on Smashwords, click here.

When Ashley van Dyne, founder and president of an organic foods business, finds herself in the middle of a world-wide threat to the food crop, she has no choice but to turn to entrepreneur Rafael Guerrero, resulting in a resounding cultural clash on two continents. There is also the problem of Ashley's young sister and three other teens who have no idea they are being used for a terrorist's private agenda. Hidden Danger, Hidden Heart offers Suspense, Romance, Drama . . . and a warning.

Grace note: For more details on the background behind Hidden Danger, Hidden Heart, please see my Facebook Author Page (link below).

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For a link to Blair's Facebook Author Page, click here. 
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  1. My schools had such maps "back in the day" but only localized, e.g we studied the Native Americans of New York pretty intensely in elementary school -- because I lived in New York. Then they were called Indians, of course -- and having been the guest a few years ago at a gathering of Native Americans that actually expressed a preference for being called Indians, I don't feel obliged not to use the term. Not that I object to the label Native Americans, either; if they're not actually native to the continent, they at least beat my own ancestors here.