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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Holiday Greetings

A combination of music and photos to brighten the holiday season. 

Here is Susie singing "Ave Maria" against a backdrop of photos she took herself. (This video is two or three years old but well worth watching even if you've seen it before.

For Susie Kone Reale singing Schubert's "Ave Maria," click here.

For over a decade now our family has attended the Orlando Museum of Art's Festival of Trees, their major fund-raising event of the year (in early November). And for the past three or four years the Citrus Singers have performed as part of the entertainment. So . . . I've saved the photos for a "Christmas Special."

Susie & Singers on stage at the Art Museum

Oh, the wonderful gingerbread houses . . .



 And, of course, the many, many trees - these are just a few of my favorites.

A personal favorite

for a SPARKLING 2018!
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Saturday, December 16:
What's that old expression? WE WUZ ROBBED! When it was time for the Citrus Singers to sing the National Anthem at the Cure Bowl today (on the CBS Sports Channel), the network cut to commercial! Would you believe? Everyone there said the girls did their usual great job, but really! That was not nice. We do, however, have a good picture of how they looked during rehearsal, courtesy of one of the parents:


Last but not least—please consider a little reading over the holiday - my Christmas novella, Mistletoe Moment, my Regency Gothic, The Blackthorne Curse, or my Regency Historical/Suspense, The Lady Takes a Risk. (Or one of my 30+ other books.)

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  1. Oooooh! I could say in my wrath that I'll never watch the CBS Sports Channel again, but since I've never watched it before, that would be meaningless.

    It's tempting to say that this is what's wrong with America today. Children singing the National Anthem? Cut to commercial. Athletes kneeling in protest during the National Anthem? Big story. Anger sells. Controversy sells. Stories of kidnapped and murdered children sell. But happy, singing children? Nah.