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Saturday, September 9, 2017


September 18, 2017, 4:30 p.m.

I just got my Internet access back after 8 days! I can't really complain because power was back at my house 15 hours after the storm, and I had relatively little damage beyond small branches and the loss of every flower in the garden. (The perennials will eventually recover - the others are already in the trash.) But there is so much debris everywhere that it will be months before all of it is picked up. But I know I am lucky. Many people here suffered much worse damage, including the results of 51 small tornados and flooding lakes and rivers, yet nothing here compares to the near total destruction in the islands and the Florida keys. 

I am hoping to be able to post a new blog by the end of this week. Perhaps the saga of what it was like to see a Category 5 hurricane aimed directly at you—the preparations, the evacuations, the "hunkering," the aftermath, which is still very much with us . . .

IRMA Bulletin

Friday, September 8, 2017:
Last week Harvey, this week Irma - and this one is headed straight for the Orlando area. Not good. I've been laying in supplies for several days and just put all my potted plants into the lee of a stone wall. I also stripped my porch - folding tables & chairs, bringing what I could inside . . . Beginning tomorrow night we hunker down and ride it out, certainly much better off than those in the Keys and South Florida and those along both of our very long east and west coasts. Most are under mandatory evacuation, with the roads north bumper to bumper. Power will likely go out everywhere - the storm is huge compared to the width of Florida, so no one will be spared. Mosaic Moments will return when my computer is up and running again. Fortunately, all should be well for my usual Saturday post.

P.S. Jose - chasing Irma through the Atlantic - just strengthened to a Cat 4. (I'm sitting here, shaking my head.) 

Saturday, September 9, 2017:
I actually went to downtown Orlando this morning with other choir members to sing for a 2-hour convocation (for Central Florida deacons) at St. Luke's Cathedral. Five choirs were scheduled to participate - two didn't make it (one from Okeechobee, which is under mandatory evacuation because of fear of water coming over the dike at the bottom of Lake Okeechobee). And one choir had no robes because when they stopped to pick them up, the church had been sandbagged, and they couldn't get in. All went well at the service, but most of us really wanted to get home for final preparations for Irma. And of course I wanted to post my blog before the power went out!

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Now live on Amazon

In a world of dashing spaceship captains, a brilliant but cynical sorcerer, princesses as deadly as they are beautiful, and the daughter of a king who has been mistress to powerful men on both sides of the rebellion, The Bastard Prince (Book 3 of my Blue Moon Rising series) features K'kadi, the Psyclid king's youngest child and only son—psychically gifted, socially inept, and mute. In this book K'kadi metamorphoses from dreamer and sometime screw-up to warrior, from stumbling boy to lover. Except, following his own path as usual, his approach to both may be a trifle unorthodox.

The Bastard Prince also continues the story of the rebellion against the Regulon Empire, with appearances by a number of old friends: Tal, Kass, Jagan, M'lani, B'aela, T;kal, and the Regulon admirals, Rand Kamal and Vander Rigel. New characters include: K'kadi's mother, a merchant rebel and his entire family (one of whom throws a monkey wrench into a number of well-laid plans), plus the entire planet of Hercula (hopefully, a new ally against the Regs).


What to do with K'kadi Amund, the youngest of four royal children—the one who doesn't talk? The young man of almost twenty-one who can still lose himself in moments of beauty, or moments of disaster. "Unreliable" and "weird" are some of the kinder things said about him. So why does S'sorrokan, leader of the rebellion against the Regulon Empire, consider him one of his most vital assets? And even when K'kadi comes into his own and gets what was once his greatest desire, he discovers that growing up comes with a price.*

[*Hint not in official blurb: a price K'kadi may not be willing to pay.]
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Because of the great popularity (world-wide) of the Citrus Singer videos, I am repeating the links below. If you haven't seen them, all I can say is, "Don't miss it!" And that's not just proud mother and grandmother talking.

So here it is: The Citrus Singers of Central Florida performing "All About That Badge," their parody of Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass."

For a link to the Citrus Singers' parody, "All About That Badge," click here.

For  "Before the Shoot" videos, click here.

For  "Day of the Shoot" backstage videos,  click here.

Grace note: For an in-depth interview with the director of The Citrus Singers, keep scrolling down to last week's post.
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Thanks for stopping by. I'll be back when Irma lets me.


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