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Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Lady Takes a Risk

Another news story out of Venice, Florida (known as the city of Golden Beach in several of my books of mystery and suspense). This one has a happier ending than the car disaster pictured two weeks ago. Good thing the homeowners looked in their pool before jumping in. When this video was shown on the local TV news, the announcer said that it was mating season and female gators are roaming, looking for safe spots to lay eggs. Uh, sorry, gator. Too much chlorine.

For video of a couple of Sarasota County Sheriff's Deputies rousting a gator from a backyard pool, click here.

The Rainy Season came in with a vengeance on Tuesday, with a deluge strong enough to topple two of my window boxes off the stone wall behind my house. Nobody minded, however, as the drought has been vicious this year. We welcome the daily afternoon rains like manna from heaven. (Sighs of relief from fire departments throughout Florida.)

I'm pleased to announce that Book 5 of my Regency Warrior series went live on Amazon and Smashwords this week. The Lady Takes a Risk is a "dramedy"—a mix of drama and comedy that I truly enjoyed writing. For the past few years I've been caught up in Regency Gothics, which are told from the single viewpoint of a beleaguered female, or tales of SyFy Adventure and Romance in my Blue Moon Rising series. Neither of which lends itself to comedy (although I get to expound on a lot of male viewpoints in the SyFy series). So it was fun to get back to a classic Regency Historical, slipping in viewpoints here and there in addition to the hero and the heroine. (I recall one reviewer saying my first book - Tarleton's Wife - had "slippery" viewpoints! And I did my best to resurrect that style with The Lady Takes a Risk!)

I'm particularly fond of the cover Delle Jacobs did for this one. As well as the beautiful foreground, please note the oast house in the distance. 

The story:

Lady Amelie Sherbrooke is not wanted. In fact, her future mama-in-law has refused to share a house with her. And Amelie, thoroughly enjoying her long-time role as hostess for her father, the Duke of Wentworth, has already rejected a score of suitors. With time running out, clearly a love match is out of the question. But desperation makes for odd unions . . .

After six years of war, Marcus Trevor, colonel of the Royal 10th Hussars, has had enough. He buys a hops farm in Kent and retires to the supposed peace and quiet of farming, taking his daughter and a number of his officers and men with him. Alas, the solid citizens of Kent look upon the newcomers not as heroes of the war against Bonaparte but as invaders little better than the French. To complicate matters further, the daughter of a duke needs to be rescued from the man her father insists she wed. What is a poor man to do when his new world refuses to be the peaceful sanctuary he'd hoped for?

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For a link to The Lady Takes a Risk on Amazon's Kindle, click here.

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Grace note: a 20% free read is available on Smashwords. 

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