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Saturday, November 19, 2016


The difference a decade makes:

Hailey, Cassidy, Riley

Riley, Hailey, Cassidy

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About five years ago I wrote a Christmas novella for an anthology published by Ellora's Cave Cotillion. This year I got my rights back and have just re-published it under the same title: Mistletoe Moment. (I'd wanted to call it Mistletoe Magic, but there were too many other books of the same name!) Mistletoe Moment is a classic heartwarming tale of two wounded people getting a second chance at happiness. One has been wounded only by the slings and arrows of society, the other by the horrors of war. Both have retreated from the world, only to stumble upon each other in the winter countryside.

After suffering social disaster at her very first ball—severely aggravated by the nastiness of an unfeeling family—Miss Pamela Ashburton hides herself in the country, expecting to live out her life as a spinster. Major Will Forsythe, injured in body and spirit at Waterloo, comes to the country to escape the concern of well-meaning relatives. Privacy, peace and quiet—that's all he wants. Until he meets a holiday sprite in search of mistletoe. And the Christmas spirit, in the form of a cluster of white berries, gives them both a second chance.

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