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Saturday, January 18, 2014


I'm very pleased to announce that FLORIDA WILD, a Romantic Suspense set in Orlando area,is now available from most online vendors. (The cover artist really "nailed" my Hispanic-Miccosukee-Irish heroine. Hmm, the hero's not so bad either!) 

Re the fictional theme park called Florida Wild: I hasten to say that publishing, with the exception of do-it-yourself, moves at a snail's pace, so I actually wrote about an Orlando version of the London Eye at least six months before the first announcement that one was planned for I-Drive. The roller coaster, seen in the background on the cover, also plays a vital role. It is a wooden one, based on my son's description of the coaster at Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut. (The YouTube video below was not available at the time I wrote Florida Wild but I'm delighted to see, except for the few Florida-style embellishments I added, I got it right.)
For Lake Compounce video, click here

Log line: A fledgling PI finds herself in the midst of an international incident with only an oversize mystery man to help her through a maze of Middle-eastern politics, Florida rednecks, and all-too-elusive love.

Cass Wilder is looking for excitement, both on the job and in her personal live, a wish that is more than fulfilled when she saves an Arab child at a theme park and is plunged into international intrigue, her sole companion a man whose motives might be questionable.

Michael Dillon, a here-today, gone-tomorrow government agent, is forced to turn to a fledgling PI for help in a very personal chase that takes them from the UCF campus to the Florida backwoods, where he not only regains his kidnapped sister but loses his heart.

For link to Amazon Kindle, click here. 

For link to B&N's Nook,  click here.

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The other side of the coin:
Speaking of "Florida Wild," the past few months have not been good for those wonderful, often eccentric, moments for which Florida is noted. No Python Hunts, no exotic kite-flying, etc. [Though, locally, the Singing Trees at First Baptist of Orlando certainly qualified as wonderful, as were those little Girl Scouts (Juniors & Brownies) singing their hearts out for Christmas.] 

Sadly, however, this past year most of the news has been full of political idiocy, hit-and-run accidents, and gun violence, topped (incredibly) by a retired police officer in the Tampa area shooting a man for texting his babysitter during the previews to a movie! The kindest thing I can say is: Alzheimer's??

Definitely a year when Fiction - my version of Florida Wild - is preferable to Reality. Let's hope I have something more benign to write about at the beginning of next year.

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Next week: WORLD BUILDING, Part 3 - All those little details

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