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Monday, December 17, 2012


For a Holiday Greeting this year I'm presenting a photo essay on a "Europe by Train" journey I did a few years ago. Glimpses of London, Paris, Zermatt, San Moritiz, and Venice. The photos are all scanned from non-digital photos taken with my now deceased Nikon.

Where else to begin but the London Eye?

Parliament & Big Ben from the London Eye
London classic - the Changing of the Guard
Traitor's Gate at the Tower of London - taken from a boat
Outside Covent Garden Market on a quiet Sunday morning
My personal London favorite - the Regency canal
Regency Mansion above the Regency Canal 
Just picture living in the heart of London and having your very own narrowboat anchored just across the street. The Regency Canal has access to most of Britain's vast network of canals. The mansion above is one of many along the Regency Park portion of the canal (not far from the London zoo).

Next stop: through the Chunnel to Paris. Sorry, nothing from the Chunnel trip - it doesn't exactly photograph well. 

Paris from the second level of the Eiffel Tower
Notre Dame from a boat on the Seine

Notre Dame at sunset

And back on the train for our next stop:  Zermatt, Switzerland, a town where the only cars allowed are taxis that transport tourists up the mountain from the train station. If you ever go to Switzerland, make Zermatt a "must."

The Matterhorn as seen from my hotel balcony
Cable car from Zermatt up the mountain
Village above Zermatt - taken from cable car

Skiing in May

Believe me, it was really cold on top of that mountain! None of us had jackets for that kind of weather.

And then it was off to San Moritz via the Glacier Express - great trip except for the wait staff who ignored single females, taking orders only from MEN! 

View, mile after mile, from the Glacier Express. In MAY
The chariots that took us up another picturesque mountain outside San Moritz
Interestingly, most of the shops in San Moritz were closed, due to "Off Season." Even the restaurant on top of the mountain the horses climbed. (Our tour guide ordered a special picnic basket for us.) I'm told we were lucky - the carriage ride is frequently cancelled due to bad weather.

I had hoped to take the train all the way to fabled Venice, but we were off-loaded onto a bus for the last 50-100 miles.

Bridge of Sighs
Although this was taken from a pedestrian bridge, we later traveled by gondola directly under it and through some of the narrow "back door" canals.

St. Marks Cathedral
 We went to a blown-glass shop in St. Mark's Square, admired the Doge's palace, and I indulged in what I believe was a c. $40 hot fudge sundae! (If I figured the translation to dollars correctly.) But who could visit and not sit at one of those outdoor tables and not eat something?

Workboat removing garbage from our hotel early in the morning

 I really like to know how things work and was pleased to have the opportunity to take photos of the supply & trash boats servicing our hotel. 

Now back to Zermatt and a couple of professional photos to end our mini tour of Europe.

A meadow near Zermatt

We all had our pictures taken with Bella, the Zermatt photographer's dog

~ * ~

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, 
and Best Wishes to people
of every religion and country
 for a happy, healthy, hopeful 2013.

Thanks for stopping by. Mosaic Moments is going to take a Christmas break. "See you" in 2013.



  1. Lovely pictures. Happy holidays.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these Grace! I so would love to go to especially London some day and visit through setting I've read in the regency romances! Ouch on a $40 sundae! But that's just once in a lifetime to enjoy! Thanks for this gift of sharing your travels with us and too thanks for all you do for us year round with your stories you write!

    Cathie (Caffey)

  3. Thanks, Ella & Caffey. Your comments are much appreciated.