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Friday, September 14, 2012


Florida Knight went live this week on Kindle & Smashwords (with Barnes & Noble, Sony, et al coming soon). This "modern medieval" didn't need any outside research. I lived it all. Well, not the heroine's abuse, thank God, but I've lived the Medieval life in Central Florida and believe I've reproduced it pretty accurately as the background for Florida Knight. I was a long-time volunteer for the Medieval Fair held annually on the John & Mable Ringling Museum complex in Sarasota and also a long-time member of the Medieval re-enactment group, the Society for Creative Anchronism, which is very active in Florida. All the outside help I needed to write this book came from  Charles Abbott, FHP retired, to whom I am very grateful. Any mistakes are mine. For blurb, please see below. (And please note the play on words in Delle Jacob's cover.)

When Michael Turco's brother is injured in a tournament at a Medieval Fair, the Florida Highway Patrol lieutenant suspects it wasn't an accident and begins his own personal investigation. Which causes him considerable anguish when he has to enlist the aid of Kate Knight, who is his entree into the Lord and Ladies of Chivalry (LALOC), a Medieval re-enactment group. Kate, who has been fighting her way out of abuse for years, is equally appalled. Michael will pose as her boyfriend, and she, who has been celibate for years, will be forced to share a postage-stamp-size tent with him nearly every weekend until the mystery of a series of disasters at Medieval Fairs and LALOC events is solved.

Michael has his own problems, finding the adjustment to LALOC's Medieval lifestyle, including costumes he can't believe he's wearing - and bowing to a chair? - a severe trial. He must also cope with a multitude of quirky personalities among Medieval enthusiasts who take themselves very seriously indeed. Plus a rash of new, ever more serious "accidents." And then there's Kate, who seems to be mellowing until she gets a good look at him in full FHP uniform.
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"Lords and Ladies! Prepare thyself for an enchanting tale of mystery and romance!"
                                                                                        Heather Eileen, Romance Junkies

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