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Monday, March 26, 2012

Dinosaurs in a Zoo??

Dinosaurs? An explanation can be found below the photo essay.

Spent a marvelous three hours at the Brevard (FL) Zoo Sunday—daughter, son-in-law & three grand-girls— all wishing we'd managed an earlier start. (By the time we got around to feeding the giraffes, they'd headed toward their barn for the night. Sigh.)

But all in all, the Brevard Zoo is an amazing place - no wonder cars were parked almost all the way to the main road. In addition to the usual array of animals, all "outdoors" in green habitats, there was a very special exhibit that will be there only through May 28, 2012. Sixteen life-size robotic dinosaurs ( not counting hatchlings), moving, roaring, a couple even spitting water, and one eating a large fish. Each carefully labeled in large letters, easy for a child to read. Grandchildren and adults alike were ecstatic. Best extra $5 above ticket price we'd ever paid.

Created, obviously at great expense, out of Houston, the dinosaurs are destined for Australia and New Zealand next, so this may be a last chance to see them in the U. S. for some time come. I cannot recommend the exhibit too highly. Above are a few highlights of our afternoon at the zoo. Believe me, those dinosaurs had all the adults thinking, "Jurassic Park"!

Coming next: Part 1 of EDIT THE BLASTED BOOK!

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