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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour

Before beginning another scenic photo essay, I want to take a few moments to acknowledge that not everyone has had a "holly, jolly holiday" to end 2015. The worst El Niño in nearly a hundred years is causing misery in the Mid-west, as well as abnormally warm temperatures in Florida. We hit 87° (30.55 C.)on Christmas Day. [For my foreign readers, El Niño is a broad current in the Pacific Ocean that directly affects our weather. When it gets overly warm, look out! Deteriorating weather is expected in Florida in the new year.] The tornadoes and floods in the Mid-west have been appalling, destroying many people's houses, as well as their chance of enjoying the holiday. And as if the weather weren't enough, innocent people are still getting shot; one of the worst cases right here in Orlando, where the daughter of a policeman and a 911 dispatcher came home from vacation unexpectedly and was shot and killed by her own mother, who thought her a burglar. This is tragedy on an epic scale. So anyone whose family managed a traditional, happy holiday, be grateful. Life can so easily go wrong.

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PYTHON HUNT. To my surprise, since the Python Hunt in 2013 netted only 68 snakes - and the estimated non-native snake count in the Everglades is in the thousands - they are bringing the hunt back January 16-February 14. (Allegedly to make the general public aware of the ongoing problem.) More as the story develops.

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Naturally, Riley's two sisters were not totally overjoyed by her London photos being featured in last week's Mosaic Moments. So when we all went on our favorite boat trip this week, the oldest informed me the three girls would share the camera. Which they did, and below are some of the results.

The Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour is the longest running attraction in the State of Florida. It has been in continuous use since 1938, which leaves no doubt that it is very popular. It tours three lakes in Winter Park (FL), which are connected by very narrow canals, which are my favorite part of the trip. There were so many would-be passengers last Sunday, they put all four boats on an unscheduled 5:00 run, which meant we were coming back when it was nearly dark. A lovely ride, as always, if not the greatest lighting for photos.

All photos below by Hailey, Riley, and Cassidy.

The photographers, being silly

I didn't even know my camera could DO this!

Our captain
A sample of the homes ringing the 3 lakes - note the setting-sun reflection in the lake.

No straight lines in this canal!

Christmas lights on the Palmer Ave. bridge

One of the many lovely yards seen from the canals


And after sunset, during a very brief twilight . . .

Cormorants roosting for the night

Last bird home . . .

 Addendum: Hailey is 12, Riley now 11, and Cassidy is 9. 

If you live anywhere near Orlando - or even if you're visiting (with car) - I cannot recommend the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour too highly. It is lovely, peaceful, and if not "all natural," darn close to it. And the price is right.(FYI, it's just a block off Park Avenue, Winter Park's Main Street, and well-marked by signs.)

For a link to their website, click here.

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