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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Blair Turning a New Leaf

The grandgirls went back to school this week, an early date even for Florida. (I don't know what Seminole County was thinking. Maybe anticipating more hurricanes this fall?) And as I was searching for a photo to suit Back-to-School week, I recalled the marvelous cartoon that hung on the walls in my family's various homes for as long as I can remember. And which, since my mother's death, I had hanging on my own wall - until I moved to Longwood. Fortunately, I quickly located it in a cardboard container in my office, and here it is. This cartoon was blown up and framed by a friend of my father's back when my father was a high school principal. (Probably c. 1940-41 when we lived in Mansfield, Massachusetts.) So no, that's not a staged "period" cartoon. It's the real thing. The caption reads:  "Run along home, darling. Mother is going to make sure you get promoted this term."

Shopping for School Supplies

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Blair - Turning Over a New Leaf

The recent RWA national convention in Orlando pummeled my mind with myriad new ideas - and some old ones that I'd let pass me by. (I can only plead that I was so busy writing books, blogs, and editing my own work, plus books for other authors, that a lot of promotion for my books simply never happened.) Therefore, before I get back to posts on Writing and Editing, I'm going to listen to the advice I paid all that money to hear and share some of the basic promotional things I've been working on this past week.

For those new to my blog who may not know . . .

Grace's Mosaic Moments is the work of Grace Kone, who writes as Blair Bancroft. And although I stumbled onto a page on Facebook this week that said: "An anonymous source has informed us that Grace Kone is not Blair Bancroft and the page has been deleted," it just ain't so! (On further thought, I suspect I may have been the anonymous source, decrying that the "Grace Kone" in India was not Grace Kone, the author. Or perhaps it was the male Blair Bancroft who's out there somewhere, frantically saying he doesn't write Romance, not even Mystery or Suspense. In any case, after moments of extreme panic, I discovered my brand new Facebook Author Page was alive and well. That, and other links, are listed below.

For years I have sent out my Newsletter only when a new book was coming out. And, except for a fairly obscure "button" on my website, I failed to encourage people to become Newsletter members. Mea culpa! That changes now. My web guru has added a short paragraph with a "click" link at the very top of my web front page. A click will take you to my Blair Bancroft group on Yahoo, where you can sign up to receive updates about what I'm working on, what book has just been published, and other tidbits I hope might be of interest.
For Blair's website, please click here.
Needed:  ARC readers
I am looking for 4 or 5 people who would be willing to read an Advanced Readers' Copy (digital) of my books and write a review, preferably the day the book comes out.
Anyone who is interested can contact me at

Grace note: Just sent out my first ARC tonight (Saturday). Who else would like to join the crew?

I now have a Facebook Author Page. Due to the existence of a male Blair Bancroft on Facebook, the tag is: blairbancroftauthor
I will be posting updates on what I'm writing, insights into plots, details on the characters, how the book was born, etc. If you can see your way clear to "liking" my page, I'd be most grateful.
For a link to my Facebook Author Page, click here.

I was a last holdout to Goodreads, joining just before the RWA conference and finding myself swimming in a sea of confusion. Oh happy day, one of the workshops I attended was given by a lovely Goodreads librarian who has been struggling to bring me up to speed in the Goodreads world ever since. I'm not quite there, but if you're a member of Goodreads, you are invited to "follow" me or "friend" me. Your support is much appreciated.

 I've been on Twitter a long time, posting weekly links to Grace's Mosaic Moments, but only recently have I begun to take advantage of its promotional opportunities, attempting catchy or amusing tweets about my books.
You are invited to follow me @blairbancroft.

 I am on LinkedIn as Grace Ann Kone, where I regularly post a link to Grace's Mosaic Moments.

Almost all my books are available through both Amazon and Smashwords. (Smashwords offer formats for just about every computer and e-reader in existence.) The exceptions: Tarleton's Wife, which will soon revert from Kindle Unlimited and be available on Smashwords with the other books in the Regency Warrior series. Because of a long-term contract on Rebel Princess, the four books of the Blue Moon Rising series - a SyFy Saga - are available only on Amazon. Books 2 and 3 are:  Sorcerer's Bride and The Bastard Prince (pub date 9/8/17). Royal Rebellion will not be out until 2018.

To order The Bastard Prince, Book 3 of the Blue Moon Rising series, at a reduced pre-pub price, click here.

Grace Note: if you saw my "Surprise Post" of 7/22/17, you know that K'kadi may be literally a bastard, as in born out of wedlock, but no way does he qualify for the more figurative meaning of the word. In fact, his primary problem is being afflicted with innocence - something that just may change in Book 3. 

BEST FOOT FORWARD - Grace's Editing Service.
To receive a PDF brochure detailing services and prices, please send an email to:

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Okay, I suspect even those taskmaster workshop presenters at the Dolphin in Orlando might be impressed with all I've managed this week. Certainly, I'm heaving a sigh of accomplishment. Imagine, entering the world of Promo at this late date!

Next week, I promise, back to Writing & Editing, though I haven't a clue what the topic will be. ("Out of the mist," as always.)

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Index to Grace's Writing & Editing Posts

Members of The Citrus Singers practicing for a YouTube video
In a major do-it-yourself project, The Citrus Singers, Director Susie Reale, Technical Director Michael Reale, plus mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts, etc., assembled an all pink set - even painting the studio floor pink! And after weeks of effort, rehearsals, and pre-recording "It's all about that Badge!" they video-taped on Tuesday and Wednesday. Believe me, there will be a link posted here when the video finally debuts online.

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As my regular readers know, twice a year I post an index to all my posts on Writing and Editing since I began Grace's Mosaic Moments back in January of 2011. This time around, I spent considerable effort organizing them into what I hope will be helpful groups. You should be able to find all by date in "Archives."

Grace's Mosaic Moments, January 2011 - July 2017 

Note: Topics with more than one post are in Bold type.


Formatting a Manuscript - 5/9/11
Nuts & Bolts, Part 1 (grammar, punctuation) - 5/16/11
Nuts & Bolts, Part 2 (punctuation, helpful books) - 6/16/11
Tab conversion (from manual to auto) - 8/5/11
Using Italics - 2/15 & 2/22, 2014
Using Capitals - 4/12 & 4/19, 2014
Manuscript Format for the 21st Century - 5/6/12
Writing No-No’s - 5/28/12
Point of View - 5/18/12
Dictionary for Writers (5 parts) - 2/4 - 4/7, 2013
Layering - 6/30/13
Layering, a Writing Technique - 7/16/16
Dangling Participles - 7/7/13
Show vs. Tell - 7/21 & 7/28, 2013
Treacherous Words - 8/11/13
The Difference a Word Makes - 9/1/13
“Modern” Punctuation - 9/15/13
Questions to Ask Yourself - 10/13/13
Third Person vs. First (2 parts) - 5/31 & 6/8/14
Rule-Breaking (3 parts) - 6/21 - 7/5/14
Don’t Be a “Rule” Slave (adverbs) - 5/6/17
To Be or Not to Be (was & were) - 5/27/17
Attitudes Toward Point of View - 2/20/16
Playing with Tags - 3/19/2016
Mystery vs. Gothic - 10/22/16
Telltale Signs of Amateur Writing - 10/1/16
How to Write a Bad Book - 3/12/17
What is Women’s Fiction? - 6/25/17 & 7/1/17

What you need to discover about your characters - 10/15/2012
More questions about your characters - 10/29/12
The Rest of the Story - 11/5/12

Character Development (3 parts) - 11/7 & 12/5, 2015 & 2/6/16
Character Development - the Unexpected (2 parts) - 8/20 & 8/27, 2016
What’s in a Name? - 3/18/17
The Nitty Gritty of Names - 4/30/17

WRITING WORKSHOP (9 parts) - 12/6/14 - 6/28/15
[Ideas, Fresh Twists, Research, Title, Names, Opening & Hooks, Plot, Goals, Motivation, Conflict, Setting, Characters, Narration, Dialogue, Pacing, Point of View, Transitions, Mechanics, Self-editing, & Questions to ask yourself before declaring your work “finished.”]

WORLD-BUILDING series (4 parts) - 12/28/13 - 2/1/14
   [a look at the problem of creating a whole new world]

WRITING A SERIES (5 parts) - 1/21/17 - 2/18/17. Why Write a Series? “Single Title,” “Cliff-Hangers,” “Mixed Approach” & Summary


I Ran Spell Check, I’m Done, Right? (self-editing) - 7/2/11
The Final Steps (self-editing) - 7/14/11
A Tale of Three Books - 9/24/16
The Difference a Word Makes - 10/15/16
More Thoughts on Final Edits - 11/5/16
Editing & Holiday Musing - 12/ 30/16
Editing Scold - 12/4/13
Misused Words (2 parts) - 10/4 & 10/25, 2014
More on Editing - 5/3/14
Editing Examples (4 parts) -8/8, 8/23, 8/30 & 9/13, 2015
Copyediting Challenges (7 parts) - 8/29/15 - 10/31/15 + 4/3/16

Intro to Self-editing - 4/1/12
Should You Hire Help? - 4/28/12
Anatomy of an Edit - 8/5 & 8/19, 2012


**The Varied Faces of Indie Pub - 1/14/17

Reminiscences of Controversies (3 parts) - 5/13 - 5/26, 2013
     [a look at writing controversies over the past 2 decades]
Guideposts for Critiquing - 1/28/11
Writing Mistakes, Near Misses & Just Plain Strange - 3/4/11
Shortcuts for Writers (ASCII codes) - 3/18/11
Rules for Romance - 9/18/11 & 10/16, 2011
How Not to Write a Book - 12/20/12
How Not to Write a Book - 4/4/15
Branding - Bah, humbug [writing multi-genre] - 1/21/13
How Does Your Novel Grow? - 4/ 28/13
Word Perfect to Indie Pub - 11/27/13
Questions Fiction Writers Should Ask Themselves - 10/13/13
On Being a Writer - 8/22/015
The Tricks to Track Changes - 1/16/16
Running Off at the Keyboard (rant) - 2/13/16
Why I Love E-books (2 parts) - 5/21 & 5/29, 2016
Organizing the Out-of-the-Mist Author - 7/9/16
The Sound of Silence - 7/30/16
Transforming Truth Into Fiction - 9/4/16
What’s the Fascination with Fairy Tales? - 4/1/17
Cultural Confusion - 6/10/17
Twisted Times (the influence of today’s news) - 7/16/17
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**the post with links to indie-publishing information

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